Listen to Janet Weiss Talk About Working on First Cow on The Line Podcast

Janet Weiss appeared on the latest episode of the The Line, a new podcast by Screen Radar. During the interview, Weiss talks about working as a location scout and manager on Kelly Reichardt’s latest film First Cow. Weiss and producer Neil Kopp recall finding the right cow meadows and trees for the scenic movie. Listen to the full episode below.

In addition to her long drumming career with Sleater-Kinney and current tenure with Quasi, Weiss has also worked on Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen’s comedy show Portlandia. At the end of Weiss and Kopp’s The Line interveiw, Kopp said that they were about to start scouting locations for Reichardt’s next film. “There will be a cow meadow location,” Weiss said.

Read “What First Cow Director Kelly Reichardt Is Listening To” over on the Pitch.

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