Gladkill Gives a Snapshot Into His Creative Mind in Incredible, ‘Cold Comfort’ EP | Your EDM

Gladkill is a talent which offers a complete defiance to conform to any genre label or style. Serving up a beautiful, harmonious and complete audial journeys of musical experience. With more than 10 year of a life on the road as a touring musicians, Gladkill has experiments and establish his own signature sound spanning across multiple genres and production styles. Today we are proud to provide our take on his beautiful and inspiring EP, ‘Cold Comfort’. This EP has a multitude of audio experiences for any musical enthusiast. you Providing another reason to go out and buy those slightly more expensive headphones so really appreciate the depth of the sound design, sampling and creative genius behind this impacting EP. You can expect beautiful laid samples incorporating vocals and distinct atmospheric sounds, harmonic genius in the synth production and a captivating journey with each of the 5 incredible tracks.

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