Excision and Wooli team up again for “Titans,” the inherent sequel to “Lockdown”

Back in 2019, long before the pandemic was even a glimmer in the public’s collective eyes, Excision and Wooli teamed up for a collaborative EP called Evolution. Among the four tracks was “Lockdown,” the opening track of the EP. Now, a little over three years later, the two have joined forces again for the implicit sequel, “Titans.”

“Titans” isn’t the first time they’ve worked together since “Lockdown,” but it’s a clear sequel that even shares some of the same samples (see 2:30). Overall, however, the two went way more bass house than dubstep with this release, and the result is a wildly bouncy and fun time that’s definitely been getting crowds hype as they’ve tested it out at live shows recently.

Listen to the full track below.


Photo via Don Idio @DiVisuals

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