‘SNL’s Kid Klash Sketch Brings Back ’90s Kid Competition Shows

Saturday Night Live brought back Will Forte to host in honor of MacGruber‘s first season on Peacock and with that came a return to the sketch comedy show from the former cast member. What made Forte such a fun guy to have on Saturday Night Live was his ability to play a wide range of characters, including game show hosts. Bill Hader and Forte used to shine in this format and so the show brought it back with Forte playing a 90s game show host on a show called “Kid Klash”.

Host Mark Zazz (Forte) is sporting a very 90s tie as he stands in a brightly colored set with a weird voice and talks about the game show where kids compete to win prizes. You know, like your standard Double Dare 2000 and Figure It Out shows so with “Kid Klash”, we get to see Mark Zazz hosting a show for young Tatum (Aidy Bryant) as she admits to being the shortest and the slowest one on her basketball team while her family, dressed like shrimp, are standing on the course ready to cheer her on.


The problem is that this game is designed to test kids and push them to their limit of trying to succeed and, for someone whose mother (played by Heidi Gardener) yelled at her for never finishing anything she starts, Tatum has to stay in a pool of fake whipped cream until she finds the flag they put in there. First finding a medal and then finally discovering that the flag is the size of a game piece, the sketch is both hilarious and really telling given what we used to all watch as kids.

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These game shows were fun and while many of us (myself included) wanted to be on shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple, it was a look into making kids fight for prizes and how we all would have reacted if we failed at doing so. Luckily, it was a hilarious sketch because Bryant was spinning around in a whipped cream pie while trying to locate the tiniest flag possible with her parents forcing her to do it. And then Mark Zazz maybe told her brother (Bowen Yang) that he was adopted.

Maybe this isn’t the game show any of us would want to be on when we were kids but it does make us look at what we used to love and question ourselves.

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