‘SNL’: Watch Weekend Update Mock Pete Davidson for Buying a Ferry

They bought a boat and…it’s going slow?

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So Pete Davidson and Colin Jost bought a boat. To be clear, they purchased a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry together. So when it came to Weekend Update on this week’s Saturday Night Live, everyone sort of assumed they were going to get made fun of for it and they did in the best possible way: With reoccurring Update guest “A Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” played by Alex Moffat.

Guy Who Just Bought a Boat is the kind of character who only wants to talk about his recent purchase (of a boat) and is a complete tool about it. He’s that white guy and Moffat plays him beautifully. So pairing that with both Jost and Davidson who, technically, just bought a boat is genius. Even if it is a bit of a stretch in that we’re considering a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry a “boat.”


Davidson could not stop laughing throughout the entire sketch, losing it at the mention of their adventure and pairing that with Davidson also asking “what happened to Bloomberg” and it is truly one of the best segments we’ve seen in a while on Saturday Night Live. Davidson rolls into the segment after Guy Who Just Bought a Boat keeps talking about his boat and making jokes about how small his penis is for a while holding a beer in a paper bag. Laughing throughout the majority of it, the entire bit is just that Jost and Davidson didn’t really think it through and just got it because the two of them are both famously from Staten Island (really, it is a huge part of their entire comedy career together).

Image via NBC

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“You two bought it together? Pulling a double teamer on this steamer?” Moffat says. “Me likey, way to get your decks wet boys.” Because, even though it is designed to just make fun of this new business adventure Jost and Davidson embarked on, it still is a segment with Guy Who Just Bought a Boat. We’re expecting plenty of inappropriate sex jokes mixed with self-deprecating bits. But this one was a special segment because it also featured Davidson just laughing throughout the entire thing.

It was truly expected that Jost and Davidson would get made fun of for this purchase, we were all waiting for it when Weekend Update started but having Guy Who Just Bought a Boat do it made it that much sweeter. Check out the sketch below:

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