‘SNL’: Jake Gyllenhall and Kate McKinnon Sing About Not Being the Best in ‘Cabaret Night’ Sketch

On Saturday Night Live, we watched as Jake Gyllenhaal sang through most of the night and it was a treat for us all. In one sketch called “Cabaret Night”, we saw as The Singers Four took to the stage to sing a song of encouragement for those who weren’t going to do anything great with their lives but instead, would just live an okay existence and that’s fine by them. Gyllenhaal, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Bowen Yang had the energy of those cabaret singers that don’t realize just how mean they’re being, but somehow it worked.

It was simple: Just four singers on stage singing about how not everyone can be great because “some of us are just walking around.” A mix of the group all singing about their own just okay existences mixed with an “uplifting” look at just being in the middle in every aspect of your life, the sketch is funny but also upsetting.


Who wants to know they’re just okay at everything in life? But then the Singers Four do a great thing and explain their “wins” which include Strong singing about how she’s not good at sex, but she doesn’t make anyone feel upset or scared so that’s a win for her.

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These cabaret style sketches (usually including Strong and Yang) are great for hosts because you’re sharing the stage with a lot of the cast, you can have some fun one-liners, and it’s just a funny look at whatever the topic at hand might be. This sketch, which happened towards the earlier half of the episode, was funny until you stopped to think about what they were saying about people, and then it hit in a way that should have made you go “oh that’s mean” and yet still, we laughed.

The idea is that not everyone will win the Nobel Prize or have their name up in lights, not everyone will change the world but sometimes, you get figure out a question on the first try and that’s worth awarding and recognizing too. And it’s also important to note that dinner every night can’t be steak. Sometimes, it’s old wet pasta in a Tupperware and that’s fine too. It’s just all about setting our expectations for life, whether we want to listen or not but having Gyllenhaal, McKinnon, Strong, and Yang singing it to me? That makes it a little better.

Watch the sketch here:

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