‘Los Espookys’ Deserved Better Than Cancellation

Come on, 2022, we need to have a conversation. Already you have brought about the end of the sublime comedy that was Joe Pera Talks With You. Then you decided to bring to a close the clever sitcom Rutherford Falls on a cliffhanger. Now you tell me that you are canceling the one-of-a-kind Los Espookys so soon after its long-awaited second season? Why must you get rid of some of the best shows out there? All of these were great works that, in their own ways, proved to be the funniest and most creative in a landscape that is deeply lacking in these qualities. In particular, Los Espookys was operating on a comedic wavelength that we were all the better for getting to experience. For those that haven’t yet seen it, there was just something special in how silly it all was. If there is one thing that can come from its unfortunate cancellation, it is to shout from the rooftops about what made it such a standout and why it deserved more to continue its exploration of horror injected with humor.


Central to this was that it had a comedic ensemble that was one of the greatest ever assembled. There is the cutting Cassandra Ciangherotti as Úrsula who grounded the experience in a more measured disposition while getting in some of its most witty lines. Alongside her is the absurdist Ana Fabrega who embodied the character of Tati to absolute perfection, constantly keeping us on our toes about what little jokes or bits she would bring to life. Then there is the excellent Julio Torres as the arrogant Andrés who just kept finding more bizarre wrinkles to play with. Closing it out is the understated Bernardo Velasco as the uncertain Renaldo who could easily go overlooked when alongside the more eccentric characters yet was just as central to the experience.

They made up the titular “Los Espookys,” a ragtag group of friends that ran what was effectively a “horror for hire” business. Need some scares? Looking to cause a fright? They were the exact group for the job. Nothing was ever too ridiculous and the creativity reflected in their horror trickery was itself a testament to all the talented performers brought to the table. It fully embraced all of its strangeness with a finely tuned comedic energy that made it the best of this year, or quite frankly, any other one.

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While all of these main four were magnificent, and it never lacked for great side characters, there is one person who stood above it all. Tati as brought to life by Fabrega was never anything but terrific, bringing chaos to every single scene with even just a change in expression. Whether it was in the many odd jobs she would take, such as when she began plagiarizing stories that she would pass off as her own, or just her general sense of joyous obliviousness, there was never a dull moment when she was on screen. The wackiness felt in her every move or perfectly timed line could turn even the most simple of scenes into something spectacular. One could, and absolutely should, get on building an entire show around Fabrega just to really see her let loose. Now that this show is no more, to not have more opportunities for her to play around with whatever she chooses would be a waste of her immense talents. She was subtle, operating in sync with all the other characters, but discussing the show will always bring us back to how she just blew everything out of the water.

There Was Nothing Quite Like ‘Los Espookys’

One would also be remiss to not mention just how great the presentation of the entire show was. The humor could be dry and deadpan, though it was never lacking for visual splendor. Forget the same recycling of sets we’ve come to know in conventional sitcoms, Los Espookys was always overflowing with vibrant scenes and designs. Each new path that it goes down packs endless surprises that all land in fantastical fashion because of how committed it was to creating dynamic visuals alongside the sharp humor.

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Without giving anything away, as the conclusion to the second season sees the group pulling off their biggest job yet, seeing it all come together in what will now be its last time was splendid. It could easily be dismissed because it was so silly, but just getting to witness all the pieces somehow fall into place never got old. Nothing ever felt played out or repetitive as everything was made fresh by how it kept pulling off more ridiculous stunts. Each was labyrinthian in how it was laid out, ensuring the execution was outstanding in all the most bonkers ways. The second season was even more ambitious with this, pushing itself to take on yet more oddities and absurdities.

It was a show that felt like it could have gone for as many seasons as it wanted, and it still might not be enough. All the shenanigans and subterfuge just kept killing every single time. By the time we got to the end of the most recent six episodes, which will now be a finale for the foreseeable future, there was a clear indication that the show still had some avenues that it wanted to go down. It could function as a suitable finale, bringing to a close most of the storylines, but the growth it showed in the second season just makes it, so one can’t help wondering what a third would have also brought. There was just endless potential that it could have unlocked and that we all would have been better off getting to see take another leap.

While the door is still open for this talented group to work on more projects in the future, the sweet spot that Los Espookys hit will always be a bright one. In some ways, it was fitting that it closed with one more mystery from Tati. It is frustratingly disappointing that we never got to see what it was in that was in the purse that she had been guarding so closely. However, knowing her and the schemes she gets wrapped up in, the lack of resolution now feels like she is playing one last joke on us to puzzle over with what its punchline would have been.

Los Espookys is streaming on HBO Max.

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