‘I Want You Back’ Images Reveal Charlie Day and Jenny Slate’s Relationship Troubles

Rebound relationships can be rough.


Prime Video has just dropped a handful of new images for its upcoming romantic comedy film I Want You Back, giving us a look at a love story of a different sort. The images come before a new trailer for the film, which is expected to drop tomorrow ahead of the film’s February release.

The film follows Peter and Emma, played by Charlie Day and Jenny Slate respectively, two strangers who find themselves bonded by their inability to move on from their exes. The pair makes a pact to help each other recover their partners Noah and Anne (Scott Eastwood and Gina Rodriguez) from their rebound relationships. The images show Peter and Emma with both of their respective exes, as well as said exes having moved on to new, happy relationships, much to the chagrin of the protagonists. A new poster for the film also highlights their unhappiness with their situation, with both looking at a happy couple in what we can only guess is disgust — though perhaps they might find comfort in each other, if previous trailers for the film are any indication.


I Want You Back was written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Aptaker is currently working on How I Met Your Father, and both worked on the 2018 film Love, Simon. The film is directed by Jason Orley, who previously directed the 2019 Pete Davidson film Big Time Adolescence. The film also features performances from The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto and Letterkenny’s Clark Backo as Noah and Anne’s rebound partners. (Which, honestly, seem like pretty good rebound choices to us.)

Image via Prime Video

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I Want You Back premieres exclusively on Prime Video on February 11. Check out the new images and poster below:

Image via Prime Video
Image via Prime Video
Image via Prime Video
Image via Prime Video

‘I Want You Back’ Trailer Reveals a Pining Plan for Revenge Starring Charlie Day and Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate and Charlie Day are searching for love in a hopeless place.

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