Falling: Universal Pictures Wins Film Rights to T.J. Newman’s Debut Novel

Falling: Universal Pictures wins film rights to T.J. Newman’s debut novel

Following an intense bidding war against more than 14 major studios, streamers and networks, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Universal Pictures has successfully won the rights to the film adaptation of former flight attendant T.J. Newman’s upcoming debut thriller novel titled Falling. According to the outlet’s source, the winning deal reportedly cost Universal around $1.5 million for the screen rights.

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Set to be published on July 6, 2021, Falling is being described as Speed at 35,000 feet. The novel will follow the story of 140-plus passengers on a crowded flight from New York to L.A., who don’t know that a half-hour before takeoff, their pilot’s family was kidnapped. Now, in order for his family to live, the pilot must follow orders and crash their plane. While much of the story takes place in the air, there is also said to be a relentless FBI agent trying to save the family on the ground.

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Universal’s deal also comes after Newman had recently signed a seven-figure book deal with Simon & Schuster’s Avid Reader Press for a two-book deal. The first-time author has already begun working on the novel’s sequel.

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The film adaptation of Falling will be overseen by executive producer Matt Reilley for Universal and Working Title’s Eric and Tim Bevan. It will also be produced by The Story Factory’s Shane Salerno.

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