Very Cavallari’s Shannon Ford Reveals Where She Stands With Kristin Cavallari After Falling Out – E! Online

The get-together came almost six months after Kristin announced the end of Very Cavallari and about seven months after Kristin and Jay announced their divorce

During her interview on Click Bait, Shannon was asked if she was surprised by the split. The influencer simply said Nashville, where they’re all based, is a “small town” and that “everyone kind of knew it was coming.” 

“I wasn’t shocked when I saw, like, the headlines,” she continued. “I mean, I didn’t really think that they were a bad couple at all together. I thought they seemed happy. But as far as the headlines, I think everyone in our town had kind of known it was coming for a few months.”

Still, she said she was sad to hear the news because the exes share three kids: Camden Jack Cutler, 8, Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, 6, and Saylor James Cutler, 5.

“I don’t ever want to see anyone get divorced that are just, like, people that drifted apart,” Shannon added. “That’s sad.”

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