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This Is Us, still playing with our emotions five seasons in. 

We knew that Kevin (Justin Hartley) was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his and Madison’s (Caitlin Thompson) twins while trying to film a big movie in Vancouver, and we knew based on an episode synopsis that he was embarking on a “stressful road trip.” So when tonight’s episode—the first in nearly a month—began with a car crash and a shot of Kevin’s driver’s license laying beside it, we feared the absolute worst. 

We got a little mad, honestly. We simply weren’t in the mood to worry about any of the Pearsons, so when it was revealed that it was a mean fake-out, we couldn’t decide if we were more mad or less mad. It was rude to put us through that, but nice that Kevin wasn’t actually in danger. 

It ended up being a man played by Scandal‘s Josh Malina who had been in a bad car accident. Kevin was on his way to the airport in Seattle to try to catch a flight to L.A., since Madison was in labor. He passed the accident and stopped to help, giving up his jacket to help the man out. That’s when his wallet fell out, and we knew his trip to the airport was doomed. 

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