Shelley Duvall Recalls Enduring a “Very Hard” Time While Filming The Shining – E! Online

In response, a spokesperson for The Dr. Phil Show told THR that their “goal was to document the struggle and bring amazing resources to change her trajectory as we have for so many over 19 years.”

“Unfortunately, she declined our initial offer for inpatient treatment that would have included full physical and mental evaluations, giving her a chance to privately manage her challenges,” the statement continues. “After many months of follow-up, in collaboration with her mother, she ultimately refused assistance. We were of course very disappointed, but those offers for help remain open today.”

Duvall has since found comfort and security in Texas, where she’s made a life for herself. Though it’s not what people imagined for the former movie star’s future, she has friends who look out for her, including a waitress who warned the author Seth Abramovich, “I’m not sure who you are, but out here amongst these rural Hill Country communities, we look out for each other and we take care of each other. Does that make sense?”

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