Half Ounce: 5 Things To Know About The Rapper, 32, Shot & Killed In L.A.

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Image Credit: Wrongkind Records / Half Ounce/Youtube

Rapper Half Ounce, 32, was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 4. The victim, whose real name is Latauriisha O’Brien, was walking down the street with his friend, and on the phone with his pregnant wife, when an SUV pulled up and the person in the passenger seat opened fire at Half Ounce, according to local reports. Half Ounce was reportedly declared dead by paramedics at the scene. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Half Ounce’s murder is a tragedy that sadly is all too familiar for rappers in Los Angeles. Half Ounce was on the rise to becoming a huge presence in the rap industry, and it’s devastating he was taken so soon from us. Here’s everything you need to know about Half Ounce.

Half Ounce
Half Ounce (Photo: Wrongkind Records / Half Ounce/Youtube)

Half Ounce is not the first rapper to be killed in L.A.

There’s been a startling pattern of rappers being murdered in Los Angeles County. Rappers PnB Rock, 30, and Kee Riches, 23, were both gunned down in LA in September during separate incidents. Last December, rapper Drakeo the Ruler, 28, was stabbed during a fight at a music festival. Rapper Pop Smoke, 20, was shot to death in a home invasion in February 2020. Fans will also remember that rapper Nipsey Hussle, 33, was shot and killed outside his clothing store in March 2019. None of the incidents are believed to be connected.

Half Ounce was married

It’s been confirmed that Half Ounce was on the phone with his wife when he was murdered. According to Fox 11, the rapper’s spouse heard him being shot over the phone, and she rushed to the scene. Her identity is unknown.

Half Ounce had children.

Half Ounce had three children at the time of his death. He was a father to a 9-month-old son, a 2-year-old son, and an 8-year-old daughter, according to Fox 11. Half Ounce also had a fourth child on the way, as his wife is currently pregnant.

Half Ounce released his new album in August.

Half Ounce’s latest studio album, Rhythm & Gunz, came out on August 19. It featured nine tracks. It was his fourth studio album, after 2019’s There Goes Da Naybahood, 2018’s Blood Money, and 2017’s Nayba.Hood.Politics.

Half Ounce’s new song was supposed to come out this month.

Half Ounce’s upcoming song, “Drop The Ball”, has been set to come out on October 14. His final post on Instagram was promoting the song. It’s unclear if “Drop The Ball” will still come out in the wake of Half Ounce’s tragic death.

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