‘All I Didn’t Want For Christmas’ Exclusive Clip: Kel Mitchell Tries To Help Gabourey Sidibe Out Of An Alternate Universe

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Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe finds herself in a bit of holiday hot water in VH-1’s new Christmas movie All I Didn’t Want For Christmas. Good Burger vet Kel Mitchell joins in on the hilarious flick that is sure to charm all audiences…even the Grinches! “Finally, a feel-good holiday story for adults who hate feel-good holiday stories,” Gabourey said in a statement. Catch an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek from HollywoodLife below!

In All I Didn’t Want For Christmas, Gabourey plays down-on-her-luck Emily, who sends a wish list to Santa Claus one wine-soaked evening only to discover that the wishes, some of which she can’t even remember writing down, are actually coming true… and her whole world becomes an alternate universe. With the help of Kel’s character, Emily has to decide between what she wants and what she needs before Santa makes his final sleigh run of the year.

The special sneak peek shows Gabourey commanding Kel to tell Santa to “take it back” in an apparent reference to a wish the North Pole native granted her. Kel pleads with Gabourey to realize it’s not so simple to ask for such a thing. “You’ve got to prove to Santa that you’ve changed, that you’ve learned your lesson and that you got the Christmas spirit back,” he explains to her. “And if you don’t, you’ll be in this alternate universe forever.”

Gabourey Sidibe makes a Christmas list she wishes she could take back in ‘All I Didn’t Want For Christmas’. (VH-1)

When Gabourey tries to nix the idea, Kel explains that if she doesn’t do as he explained, then her last wish on the list will be permanent. After she admits that she can’t remember her last wish, Kel takes out his trusty tablet, looks at her list of wishes and says, “You wished for the whole world to be turned into fruitcake.”

All I Didn’t Want For Christmas also stars Loretta Devine, Karen Knox and Andrew Bushell. Make sure to catch all the hilarious holiday hijinks when the movie premieres via VH-1 on Wednesday, December 7th at 8PM ET/PT.

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