Zhejiang, China, High quality Brass Ball valves

While the world is rapidly changing these days, newer industries and residential projects have splurged across the world amidst crisis. Smart companies are sourcing and importing quality products and stocking up their inventories so their work does not get affected in any ways. One such area where almost all type of industries and retailers must look into is valves.  These small but extremely needed tools for any residential or commercial property are a must have in inventory.

Among the many manufacturers located in China, Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. is a trusted source for purchasing all kinds of brass valves, brass ball valves and brass bibcock. The company maintains a great reputation among all continents across the globe due to their quality and timely deliveries. Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996, and ever since then the company has been engaged in successfully manufacturing valves to its satisfied customers nationally and internationally.

The company is well established with a factory covering 6700 sq. meters. area and over 150 employees, constantly monitoring and giving their best of services to the clients. There is a team of thirty highly trained technical management professionals who oversee the complete operations and quality check. Hongda products are produced by using sophisticated processing equipment along with advanced production technologies and testing tools. The factory strictly operates as per ISO9001 quality management norms. The products have an international acceptance due to CE and ACS certifications.

The reason behind Hongda Product popularity

Hongda manufactures valves, which are well engineered to efficiently lock and unlock fluids/ gases. The wide range of HONGDA Brass ball valves, bibcock and brass fittings are regularly ordered by customers globally. All the valves have been tested in different working temperatures and pressures before supplying them to clients. Moreover, the company is manufacturing CE Certified and approved brass ball valves NPT/BSP with the Sandblasted chrome/ nickel plated surface.

Brass being highly corrosion resistant has better thermal conductivity and can resist most of the media, including natural gas and water. These qualities make brass valves more reliable than other mediums. It is also found that brass is more preferred over bronze for potable water as it contains lower levels of lead, hence safer for drinking water. Brass valves can withstand maximum temperature of 120⁰C and a low -10⁰C, making it the most popular metal for home plumbing systems. The Brass valves produced by Hongda have well designed handles some brass ball valves have PVC sleeve too on the handle.

The Products of HONGDA

Hongda sanitary ware co. ltd specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Brass Bibcock, Brass valves and Brass fittings. Brass is a good metal for outdoor applications as it lasts long without cracking and disintegration, brass valves are seen as a long-term investment. Brass, being more malleable, corrosion resistant then other metals, makes it perfect for use in plumbing tools. The valves produced at Hongda are tested for working pressure and working temperatures. Each brass valve is

Brass Valves: Brass Valves can be successfully used for natural gas or water pipes. There are mini gas ball valves, needle ball valve, water meter ball valve and many more to suit any kind of residential and industrial requirements. The company produces, Brass Ball Valve, Brass Ball, Brass Mini Ball Valve, Brass Check Valve, Brass Stop Valve, Brass Float Valve, Brass Angle Valve, Brass gate Valve and Firefighting Angle Hose Valve. All these Brass valves are available in different standard sizes.

Brass Fitting: Most of the brass fittings such as Brass Nipple Fittings, Brass PEX Fitting, DZR Brass Fitting, Brass Elbow and Tee Fittings, Brass Gas Fittings, Brass Hose Fittings and Brass threaded fittings are produced at HONGDA. They are available in different standard sizes. Most of the fittings can function best under PN16 / 200 Psi working pressure and can withstand -20⁰C to 120⁰C. Working durability is measured as 10000 cycles, on an average and comes with BSP / NPT thread. The fittings can be used for non-corrosive liquids, oils or for gas.

Brass Bibcock: The company produces a good range of Brass Lockable Bibcock, washing machine bibcock, two- way bibcock, brass water bibcock, Brass lockable bibcock, brass cartridge and ½ brass water bibcock. These bibcock’s are suitable for potable water, piping water system or for garden house. Bibcock’s are produced in different standard sizes to fit most of the available fittings. Most of the bibcock’s produced by HONGDA have steel handles with PVC sleeve. The brass body is nickel plated. They can withstand a pressure of PN16 and can withstand a temperature of 0⁰C to 80⁰C effectively.

The Company is located in Qianhai Industrial a Cone, Yuhuan City in Zhejiang Province in China. For a thorough look of all products and picking up the right fittings, valve or bibcock, you could have a look at the online store or download the product catalog available online.

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