Will Augmented Reality Lead to Another Poker Boom?

When the internet became available to most households in the west, it led to a huge boom in the popularity of digitalized poker. It was one of the greatest early success stories of the internet age, and it was astonishing how the industry grew to a multibillion-dollar sector from nothing.

With the emergence of new technology that could enhance the game further, Texas Hold’em could see another huge spike in playing figures soon. Augmented reality would certainly add new and entertaining elements to the way people play.

Online Poker is Now the Most Popular Way to Play

The main reason why poker has managed to become one of the most popular card games in the world is that it is so easily accessible on the internet. In the past, people who wanted a game would have had to go to a local casino to play. This wouldn’t have been feasible to many, especially if they didn’t live near a gambling house.

Nowadays, though, anyone with an internet connection can play online poker games at any time of day. There are major tournaments held online as well, such as the Super Millions Poker Open. This is by far the most popular way to play poker and it has led players to develop new skills that are better suited to this form of play. There is less bluffing and reading of opponents’ facial cues in this variant than there is in offline poker.

Augmented Reality Will Bring New Features to the Game

Many would claim that online poker has led to a rise in the skill levels of poker players. Because there is so much competition on the internet, players have had to develop optimal strategies to climb to the top of the tree. The game may have reached a stage at which it needs new elements to add to its complexity.

The live form of poker does require players to draw upon a much more varied skillset, as they also need to analyze other players’ psychological cues. This is something that AR could help introduce into the online game. Once the technology is advanced enough, it could allow players to see players sitting alongside them when they play. This would allow them to observe one another’s reactions and attempt to gauge what they are planning to do.

When Will AR Become an Essential Household Item?

The big question is to do with when AR will become mainstream and start to influence industries like poker. The technology has been around for a few years, but it has been mainly used on mobile games like The Walking Dead: Our World. There are few AR glasses currently in circulation.

This could change when Apple decides to release its long-awaited AR glasses. There are numerous reports that the tech giant is working on these and could be preparing to release them in 2023. A move like this could push the technology into the mainstream, and lead to it becoming an essential household item. At this point, it’s highly likely that it will be integrated with booming industries like poker.

There’s no doubt that AR could be a game-changer for poker. It may help reinvigorate interest in the game and could potentially lead to another spike in playing figures like those seen during the poker boom.

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