Why you should buy a used car between June and August

When’s the best time to buy a car? You might not think that the time of year makes any difference to the deal you get on a car, but you’d be wrong – in fact, it’s every bit as important a factor as any other. You can watch the used cars prices fluctuate as the year progresses – and there’s good reason for this (as we will outline below).

In fact, the newer the car you’re trying to buy and the more money you’re planning on spending the more the time of year makes a difference to the price or finance terms of your used car purchase. These same tips can come in handy when it comes to selling your car, too, to help you get the best possible price.

Here are our top tips on when to buy and sell your used car.

Best time to buy a used car

You’re most likely to get a good deal on a used car if you buy between June and August, and again in November through to February.

Why? Well, new model registrations take place in September and March. Car dealers need space for new stock, both brand-new models they’ll want to sell and the associated trade-ins that come in with them.

That means that anything that will have been sitting on the forecourts for a while will be heavily discounted to help it shift.

During June, July and August, summer holidays take time and budgets elsewhere, while in November, December and January the bitter cold mornings, short days, and higher household bills do the same – not forgetting the time eaten up by Christmas and the New Year. That means discounts, deals, and the best service for anybody who chooses to shop for a car regardless.

Looking at an older, lower-cost used car? It’s better to go in summer – purely because it’s so much nicer to inspect a car’s engine and underside when you don’t have to do it in the freezing cold and wet.

Quick tips for buying used cars

Buy a used convertible in winter

Soft-tops are most expensive during the summer months, so shop when it’s cold and wet and you’ll get the best deal.

Buy a used 4×4 in summer

Conversely, off-roaders are cheaper when the weather is good and snow and ice are just distant thoughts in people’s memories. Buy one before the price starts to rise as buyers decide they desperately need four-wheel drive.

Buy at the end of the quarter

Buying at the end of each financial quarter is a good way to get the best deals, as car dealers aim to hit quarterly sales targets.

Find discounts between Oct-Dec

If you want to buy a car later in the year, aim to buy between October and December. Many dealerships discount their cars during these months to make sales figures and to clear the way for new models arriving the next year.

Save between Christmas and New Year

The weeks around Christmas and the New Year can deliver massive savings. Dealerships will be quiet and it’s leading up to the new number plates. Heavy cuts will therefore be offered to maintain sales.

Buy on the last two days of the month

Dealerships will do everything they can to complete a sale towards the end of the month and hit their targets.

Buy during the week

Go into showrooms during the week – dealerships are at their quietest so staff will be more attentive and more willing to offer good deals.

Buy an old model when the new one launches Buy at the release of a new model – the more desirable new cars will see the older versions drop in price and dealers offer great discounts to make room for the

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