Why Low-Profile Rings Are the Best Choice for Most

Whether you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry to add to your collection or shopping for a special occasion, low-profile rings are a great option. They offer a sleek and simple design that can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect engagement ring.

What is Low-Profile?

The stone’s height from the ring’s band is what gives it its name. A low-profile engagement ring is a ring that has a lower setting, which is the set of prongs that holds your stone in place. This means it will be flush with the band setting, sitting inside the band rather than on top of it. The design of the prongs makes it so that the diamond, or any other stone, sits closer to the finger.

How Can You Tell Between Low vs. High Profile?

The easiest way to tell the difference between a low and high-profile ring is by looking at it from the side. If the stone is sitting close to the band and inside the prongs, then it’s low profile. If the stone is raised up and away from the band and on top of the prongs, it’s high profile.

Low Profile Styles

There are many different styles of low-profile engagement rings. The most popular style is the solitaire, which is a single stone ring. Other popular styles include the three-stone ring, the five-stone ring, and the seven-stone ring.

Keep in mind that some styles, like the peghead setting, will not be able to be made into a low-profile setting.

Why Choose Low-Profile?

There are several benefits to choosing a low-profile engagement ring. This type of ring is perfect for someone who wants a more understated look, while still being able to show off their beautiful diamond.

This can also be a good choice for someone who works with their hands or is active, as there is less chance of the ring getting caught on something.

Low-profile engagement rings also tend to be more comfortable to wear. This is because they sit closer to the finger, which can make them less likely to spin or slide around.

This setting is also more difficult to damage and easier to clean while offering a variety of different sizes and options.

Cons of Choosing a Low-Profile Ring

Probably the biggest drawback of low-profile rings is that they are not as shiny as high-profile rings. This is because of the placement of the stone since they are not able to catch the light as well as stones that sit above the prongs.

Another drawback is the popular peghead style not being an option.


There are many reasons to choose a low-profile engagement ring. For some, the understated look is more appealing than a flashy high-profile ring. Others may find that low-profile rings are more comfortable to wear or that they offer more protection for the stone. However, keep in mind that low-profile engagement rings may not be as shiny as their high-profile counterparts.

No matter what you choose, be sure to find an engagement ring that you love and that will represent your relationship well.

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