Why Information Security Is a Critical Aspect of the Modern Business

One thing that you must be sure of in an age where data and information is worth more than gold is your company’s information security. It seems that just because data and storage of information have moved off-site and into the cloud for many businesses, there has been widespread neglect of information security. Perhaps it is a case of out of sight, out of mind. This article aims to put your information security squarely back on the agenda and provide some discussion as to why this must be an integral part of your business.

Information Security

Often referred to as infosec by those in the sector, it is a critical part of any modern business, in that it is the lifeblood of the business. Without information and data, the business will be unable to function. Furthermore, if company information is compromised or stolen from where it is being stored, then again, the business will be at risk of closure. There is a loss of reputation involved in this, as customers and clients who have lost data and personal information will not be too pleased, to say the least. Information loss or data breaches through poor information security will thus have a so-called ripple effect as the consequences spiral out of your control.

A few things to check when it comes to the safety of your data and information: –

  • Know where it is: – Regardless of whether an external company is storing and securing your data, you still need to know where it is.
  • Ask for licenses and certifications: – Before you finalize who or where your data and information go as part of your infosec systems, ask the provider for any licenses and certifications they may have. In America, the external cloud or storage providers must obtain SOC2 certification to show that they are compliant with the regulations around information security. It is voluntary compliance that is recognized as the main proof of ability to keep information safe and secure and should be provided by infosec providers who are serious about the safety of your data.
  • How to access it securely: – you will need ongoing, safe, and secure access to this data from wherever you are. Accessibility is one of the main advantages of off-site or cloud storage and, as such, you must be as well informed as possible as to how and who will be able to access your information.

There are several information security providers out there and the one that you choose must be able to reduce the risk of data breaches or loss of information from your IT systems. This will mean applying controls to guarantee against unauthorized access to your data and information. As well as keeping downtime for repairs to a minimum.

Data and information are now incredibly important to your business, and just as you would ensure that your gold and gems are heavily protected in storage, you need to ensure that the information and data (the gold and gems of your business) are as safe and protected by your information security partners.

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