Why Does Mexico Attract Medical Tourists To Do Dental Implants

Did you know that more than a million medical tourists go to Mexico per year? Mexico is considered one of the trendiest destinations, especially for dental implants. This medical destination is well-known worldwide due to affordable prices and high-skilled dental specialists who undergo professional training in the best European and American medical institutions. Many patients from Canada and the USA use the services of the international medical platform Bookimed to find the most modern clinics and top-quality therapeutic services at affordable costs at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/clinics/country=mexico/procedure=dental-implant/ .

Mexico is included in the top 10 countries with a well-developed medical sector. Bookimed will help you choose the best dentist and get around 60% lower prices compared to the USA and Canada.

Dental Implantation Procedure Overview

Dental implantation is the best solution for patients who want to restore missing teeth. A doctor uses a strong titanium screw for replacing the roots of your teeth when they fail. An implant functions as your natural tooth root and gets placed into your jawbone. Dental implants are effective in the case of Adentia treatment when a patient has lost a tooth completely. Dental implants provide the foundation for fixed/teeth that match your natural teeth.

Suitable Candidates for Dental Surgery

Before you start packing your baggage to go to Mexico, it is essential to consider whether you can be a suitable candidate for this surgical procedure. Below, you will find the outline:

  • Gum health

Your new dental implants will be stable only if you have healthy gums. If you have oral diseases, you should not think that dental implantation is prohibited to you. Such patients are requested to fix the problem of gum malfunctions, accomplish therapy, and after these procedures, you are ready to plan your implantation surgery. Your treatment will be a bit longer, but the beauty of your teeth is worth waiting for such stunning results.

  • Strong structures of bones

Patients are not able to verify this issue by themselves. That is why it is recommended to consult a dentist beforehand. In case a patient has got a weak bone structure, it is recommended to do bone grafting to strengthen and make it well-stabilized. This is the only way to have good results after dental implant surgery.

  • Age restrictions

Age restrictions do not exist when it comes to dental implants. Usually, all patients tolerate the procedure pretty well. Even if you’re 90 years old, it is never too late to improve your smile. However, some limitations still do exist. It is forbidden to place dental implants if you have not reached 18 years old. You should know that the process of bone growing lasts till 18. So, if you have even a missing tooth, you have to wait a bit.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women have to postpone the surgery until a baby is born. When a doctor performs a dental implant surgery, a woman has to undergo an X-ray and receive anesthesia, and there is a factor of stress, which can be dangerous for an unborn baby. So, if you don’t want to experience any negative impact on the health of your child, it is always better to delay your dental implant procedure.

  • Smoking

When you consider installing dental implants, you should know that nicotine has the tendency to slow down the entire healing process. That is why, if you want to have a better outcome with dental implants, it is recommended to forget about smoking completely or at least temporarily.

  • Diabetes

Patients who have diabetes are not the best candidates for dental implants in Mexico. Such a health condition makes the entire process too complicated. You should have a preliminary consultation with your dentist.

Dental Implants: What Are the Patients’ Benefits?

It is not surprising that dental implantation is one of the most popular medical procedures worldwide. Here are the explanations for why it is like this:

  1. It is the best substitute for natural teeth. They will look fantastic if the dentist is experienced and highly qualified. A dentist chooses the color of your dental unit in accordance with shades of your natural teeth. You can enjoy your favorite food without any risk of destroying your implant.
  2. You can improve your speech. Properly installed implants are stable, so you will face no difficulties while pronouncing words. Plus, implants will never slip away to put you in an uncomfortable situation in front of other people.
  3. Patients can enjoy comfort in daily life. Such teeth become a part of your body. So this procedure can boost your self-confidence. Patients can relax and enjoy any kind of food they like.
  4. Boost your self-esteem. Dental implants are highly functional, but not only. They make your appearance way better. You will appreciate smiling with perfect teeth.
  5. The most significant advantage is the durability of dental implants. It is true that the procedure is not the cheapest, but at least you will do it only one time and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Are you interested in dental implant procedures in Mexico? You can contact the Bookimed team to get the needed information and trip arrangement. All the services of Bookimed are free for international medical tourists and will not affect the final bill at the clinic.

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