Why and How Should You Change the Locks of a Newly Acquired Property in Cardiff?

The crime rate in Wales has grown by about 4.9% between 2021 and2022. More alarmingly for peopleliving in the capital, Cardiff has also turned into the most dangerous place to live and work in Wales. To clear any doubts about that fact, all you need to do is take a look through the official reports.

The Most Dangerous Welsh City?

Apparently, Cardiff recorded the highest number of crimes, the highest crime rate, and the highest growth in crime rate between 2021 and2022. Note that this concerns the whole of Wales and not just South Glamorgan.Therefore, if you have recently acquired a new property in Cardiff, now you know why finding a locksmith in Cardiff should be one of your top prioritiesbefore moving in.

Get the Main Locks Changed First

Get the main locks changed first, irrespective of whether it’s a residential or a commercialproperty.Start with the mainentry/exitpoints, which includes the main door, the backdoor, and the main gate (if present).

Don’t Forget to Change the Secondary Locks Next

The main entry points should be the priority, but you must not ignore the importance of changing every other door lock on the property as well. From bedroom doors to basements, if the room/space has a door on it, it needs a new lock. The same Cardiff locksmith who changed the main entry locks for youshould be able to change the other locks as well.

Contact an Emergency Locksmith for Fast Work

In case the property has been broken into recently, or if you need to move in at short notice, contact an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff. Curley LocksLocksmiths are one of the most trusted and reliable 24-hour Cardiff locksmith available.Curley Locks only works with fully trainedand CRB/Police verified locksmiths to ensure thatthe safety of their clients’ properties are never compromised.

Check the Windows

See if any window on the property is large enough for intruders to sneak in through. Having a few large windows is not a bad idea actually, as it allows for an alternative route of escape if you ever need one during emergencies. Depending on the neighbourhood and the window size, you may need to reinforce them with bars and put locks on them. If the windows already have locks, that makes things much easier, as you can simply have the locks changed and be done with it.

Don’t Trust Just Any Locksmith Out There

There is no shortage of locksmiths in Cardiff, but you should not hire just anyone without some verification first. You should look for locksmiths Cardiffresidents have previously rated fondly and avoid locksmiths who seem to have cropped up into existence out of nowhere.

Unverified Cardiff locksmiths may have ties to criminal elements, while untrained locksmiths could end up doing more damage than good. In fact, that is precisely why all reputed locksmiths in Cardiff are fully insured. Their liability insurance guarantees that if your property is damaged through their actions in any way, you won’t need to pay for their mistakes.

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