Who is Responsible for City Sidewalk Repair in Denver?

The city of Denver expects people to drive more instead of walk. As a result, they put a higher priority on improving the quality of roads and sidewalks tend to be neglected. However, a large number of people use our sidewalks everyday to commute, exercise, bike ride, etc. Unfortunately, the condition of the sidewalks in Denver are the best and can be very dangerous in areas. 

This makes you wonder; who is responsible for city sidewalk repair in Denver? Keep reading below to find out.

City Sidewalk Repair in Denver

In Denver, you get immediate response from the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure when you report a pothole. However, that is not the case for broken sidewalks. That is because sidewalk maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, even if it’s a public right-of-way.

However, in 2018, Denver passed a law to create funds in an effort to help residents pay for sidewalk repairs. At that time, officials thought that the fund would help enforce the law and alleviate financial burdens on citizens. That effort didn’t go as planned.

According to records, the pace of the program is slow, and its implementation needs more adjustment if it hopes to deliver to its promises. In fact, the lone inspector for the program is still stuck in the first neighborhood after close to 2 years. This is just a few blocks away from central Denver.

How are Property Owners Notified?

The manager of public works will conduct inspections on sidewalks. If they deem that it needs repair, they will notify the adjacent property owner with a sidewalk repair notice also known as a Citation. The notice is usually sent through the mail and at the same time, there will also be a notice posted on the front door of the property adjacent to the sidewalk that has to be repaired or replaced.

The notice sent to the property owner will contain the description of the sidewalk that has to be repaired or replaced. It will also detail reasons as to why it’s a hazard. At the same time, it will also contain information about the property owners’ right to appeal the public works manager’s decision.

Usually, property owners are given 45 days to complete the request for repair or replacement. If they don’t, the city will bring in their own licensed sidewalk contractor to repair or replace the sidewalks hazards. The bill for the job will be charged to the property owners.

How to Choose Local Concrete Sidewalk Contractors

By the end of the day, whether you let the city do the work or do it yourself, you still have to carry the cost for repairing the city sidewalk in Denver. In this case, your best option is to take it off yourself because you might be able to save more money vs having the City hire a Licensed sidewalk contractor and send you the bill.

If you have DIY concrete replacement skills, then taking care of sidewalk repair is an option but not recommend for someone with no experience, that may be watching instructions from YouTube. If you don’t, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Here are some tips on how to choose a concrete sidewalk specialist.  

  • Make sure that they can get a permit to work in Denvers right of way.
  • Negotiate the cost
  • Check their previous work outcomes
  • Ask your contractor if they have a payment plan. Core Concrete offers a payment plan with deferred interest options.

Take note that the concrete sidewalk replacement cost may vary depending on the condition of the sidewalk. It’s highly suggested that you take photos and request quotations from various professionals. Doing this will also help you get a better idea of the average cost for the tasks in your area.

Final Words

Who is responsible for City Sidewalk Repair in Denver? It’s the property owner adjacent to the damaged sidewalk. We at Core Concrete INC do our best to help the residents of Denver make their sidewalk replacements easy and affordable. We are the only contractor in Denver committed to sidewalk safety!

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