Which Tools Should I Use When I Write My Essay?

Academic papers can be challenging to write, especially if you don’t have enough training. It gets worse if English isn’t your first language. But essay writing is a process, meaning you’ll get better with time and practice.

Therefore, it is understandable for beginners to seek professional help with writing their college or high school assignments by looking up the best do my essay writing services. Just because you’re getting help doesn’t mean you should abandon your desire to become a better essay writer, quite the contrary. You could even learn more tips on writing better papers from these professionals.

Moreover, there are helpful resources online that can help you get started. So, if you intend to become better at writing essays, here are some of the best tools for you.


Grammarly is undoubtedly among the best editing tools, utilized by expert writers from reputable write my essay sites, students, and other professionals alike. It offers users the choice between American, British, and Australian English.

The program helps you find grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style issues to help you create better papers. The more advanced version of Grammarly also optimizes your use of language, but you need to pay for it.

The premium version can flag down things like excessive use of certain words, vague phrasing, and repetitive phrases. This tool is available as an MS Word download and a Chrome extension.

Citation Machine

Accurate citations are necessary to do well in your academic papers. A reason why essays by professionals from DoMyEssay fetch high grades is that they are perfectly cited. Academic papers have different citation methods, such as Chicago, MLA, or APA. These follow specific rules, and it is imperative not to confuse the styles.

Citation Machine is a time-efficient tool that helps generate citations in your preferred style. It also keeps track of your entries. Once you’re done citing all the sources, you’ll receive a ready bibliography.

For the paid Citation Machine plans, you’ll receive a plagiarism check feature, expert help with your essays, etc.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is yet another tool widely used by writers, and it helps to make your writing direct. When you write essay, the app highlights complex and lengthy sentences, making you reconsider whether making them more straightforward is a good idea. Using color-coded highlights, Hemingway also helps you track your passive voice, rambling sentences, complex phrases, and adverbs.

You can use the Hemingway app or upload text on its web page. You will get the same results. Still, it is vital to take the bot’s advice with precaution since it is not immune to errors.


Evernote is a note-taking app that is also used for planning. Other than these two features, Evernote is designed to assist in organizing deadlines and tasks, which can be helpful for students. Evernote also connects to Google Calendar.

The app lets you create tasks in your notes, assigning flags, dates, and markers to them. Evernote also allows you to scan critical documents, save relevant web pages and upload important content in different formats while you write my essay.


OneNote is a writing tool that allows writers to highlight, annotate, and import PDFs. Suppose you have been writing several papers in school. In that case, you are probably aware of the OneNote note-taking app that comes in a bundle with a Microsoft Office subscription.

This program is great for organizing notes as well as readings. When you write my essay, the first and most crucial stage is closely studying material related to your topic. OneNote will allow you to directly import the PDF files of these papers and highlight and add annotations.

Using OneNote is also an excellent way to become part of the paperless movement. With this program, it will be much easier to look for information when ideas and quotes come up in your mind, and you cannot recall the source.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Suppose you study linguistics, literature, or subjects that need you to know the origin of different words. The Oxford English Dictionary from Oxford University is an excellent tool. To access it online, you have to log in, which you can do through your local library or your university.

If these two are not an option, you could personally purchase a monthly subscription starting at $29.95. Before getting a subscription, consider checking with the university or your local library first. The OED offers much more information than a standard dictionary.

While the entries might seem overwhelming initially, you could always use the “Hide all” feature for the quotations. This makes them much more manageable when looking through a few words before selecting the one you want to use. Most expert writers who write my essays online use the Oxford English Dictionary.


Essay writing is an unavoidable part of every student’s journey. It is essential to ensure you strive in this area. If you are overwhelmed by your assignments and have upcoming tests, you could look up a writing service online and have an expert writer write my essay. 

No matter how excellent a writer you are, you are bound to make mistakes. These six tools will help you perfect your writing.

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