What Will Be The Future Cost Of Concrete in 2022?

Estimating the cost of concrete is not as simple as it may sound because the price depends on the supplier and mode of charging. For instance, you will be charged by the yard if you want to get concrete from a ready-mix supplier. If you place an order through a contractor, the pricing is by square footage.  

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There are factors to consider to arrive at an approximate price of plain concrete, including grading, subbase preparation, forms of concrete, concrete finishing, reinforcement, and cost of concrete locally. Moreover, two other factors affect the cost of concrete: quantity and quality. Prices also increase with other decorative options like stamping, staining, and different unique finishes.  

If you recently had a home inspection and found out that your house needs some structural repairs, this article will help you know the cost of concrete for 2022. It will also highlight the factors influencing the cost of concrete this year.

1. Concrete Quality

Quality refers to the ratio in which specific materials like sand, cement, crushed stone, and water are mixed. The cost differs with the various kinds of concrete prepared with four essential elements: decorative, stamped, stained, and walkway concrete. Likewise, the concrete cost can be analyzed by various service providers.

2. Concrete Quantity

The quantity of concrete depends on the area it will cover. The volume of concrete best fits in the cost assessment, as much as the terms commonly used are per yard or square footage. You can obtain volume by multiplying length, width, and thickness. Thickness varies with the concrete application, so what you apply to floors won’t be the same for roads.

3. Labor

You must hire and pay workers to pour, spread, and cure concrete. You also have to adhere to the state’s local labor rates. It’s possible to calculate the labor cost effectively through the construction timesheet software workers use to record their working time. 

4. Amount Of Concrete

How much concrete you need for a particular project will influence the cost. Whether the ready-mixed concrete is transported by truck or in bags to your project site, whichever option dictates how much you’ll pay.

5. Preparation Of Subbase 

In this case, the site cleaning procedure before pouring the ready-mixed concrete determines the cost. The tractor and operator’s payment rates are estimated per hour if you need a tractor to remove the dirt. These will affect the cost of concrete in the long run.

6. Type Of Concrete

Different types of concrete will be used depending on the project, which influences the cost. Plastic bricks are also considered a form of constructive concrete. The following are some of the most popular types of concrete used:

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete

Ready-mixed concrete is put together at a local site before it’s poured into a revolving drum to prevent it from hardening. The revolving drum is then transported to the specific location by a cement truck. The average cost of ready-mixed concrete is about USD$113 per cubic yard and could go higher with the addition of delivery fees.

  • Pervious/Permeable Concrete

Pervious concrete is uniquely mixed and allows water to pass through. It’s favorable for pavements and driveways to allow rainwater to drain and mix with underground water. The cost ranges between USD$4 and USD$7 per square foot.

  • High-Strength Concrete

It’s referred to as high strength when its total power goes beyond 40 megapascals due to a low water-to-cement ratio of concrete. It’s used for large-scale projects, like the construction of high-rise buildings, because of its strength and durability. The stronger and more durable the concrete is, the higher the pricing, which can be about USD$2,000 per cubic yard. 

  • Precast Concrete

Here, the concrete is pre-mixed and poured to fit a particular cast in the factory premise before it’s transported to the project site (e.g., concrete blocks). Concrete prices range between USD$20 and USD$30 per square foot.

7. Reinforcement

The concrete has to be reinforced with materials like steel mesh to obtain durable slabs that will not shrink and crack. Steel mesh is expensive by itself; thus, using it to support concrete increases its price, depending on your project type.

8. Kind Of Concrete Project

The cost of concrete, in this case, is determined by the type of work and the materials needed. Whether the concrete project is for interiors like floors or exteriors like roads, or even particular repairs, the specific elements used will determine the final cost of concrete.


Several factors will influence the cost of concrete in 2022, including associated expenses in any concrete project. As the cost of living increases, the price of commodities will increase depending on availability and demand, and concrete is not an exception to this.

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