What to Look for When Buying a Smart Humidifier: The Primary Criteria

Modern appliances not only maintain cleanliness in the apartment but also take care of the health of its inhabitants. This is important for city dwellers, whose apartments are regularly penetrated by soot and dust from the streets. Dry and dirty air negatively affects our health, and if you breathe it often, fatigue increases, worsens sleep.

A smart humidifier will help create a maximum comfortable microclimate in the apartment. Modern models can work without interruption for more than a day, and if you buy a smart device you will have at your disposal additional functions and several control options.

Is There Wi-Fi?

In the past, humidifiers and other appliances were controlled with a remote control, which was often lost and broken. If you did not have a remote control, you had to repeatedly press the buttons on the cabinet and walk over to the unit to change the mode or speed. It was annoying and inconvenient.

Modern models of humidifiers can be controlled from your phone, which is almost always in your hand or lying next to you. The main condition is that the humidifier should be equipped with a Wi-Fi module. If it is, you’ll need a phone, a network, and an app. You don’t need any other equipment.

Is There a Schedule Mode?

With this feature, you can set the humidifier to automatically change modes depending on the day or time of day. For example, at 9 pm, it can automatically switch to night mode without user intervention. If your child comes home from school at 2 pm, the humidifier will automatically turn on “Child Mode.”

If you’re exercising in the morning, the humidifier can automatically turn on the “Health” mode at the time your alarm goes off.

Are There Safety Features?

If you have children in the house, it’s best to keep them away from appliances, as it is like CasinoChan, which is amazing only when you understand how it works. But even the most responsible parents do not always have time to keep track of their child’s movements, so it’s best to buy appliances that have a “Child Lockout” function. With its help, you can lock the control panel on the device with just one movement. Your child won’t have access to the control panel, even if they turn the appliance off and on again.

If you don’t want everyone in the family to have equal control over the humidifier, you can use the “Rights Control” feature. This feature allows you to either allow full control of the unit, or prohibit control altogether.

What Settings to Change

To be aware of what the humidity level in your room is and what the temperature is, previously you had to buy additional devices, such as a weather station. This was the only way to know what values to set on the device.

Smart devices often have an electronic hygrometer built in, which shows the temperature and humidity in the house. Knowing these parameters, you can control the readings in the app. If you have a hygrostat that turns the humidifier on or off as the desired humidity level is reached, you can automatically maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Are There Additional Features

Humidifying the air is not enough for comfort – you also want to remove unpleasant odors. Humidifiers with ionization and fragrance functions will help to cope with them.

Ionization is needed to saturate the air with ions, which causes the dust to settle on the floor and not fly around the apartment. This will make it much easier to breathe. Such a function is especially useful for allergic people, who are contraindicated to contact with dust and pollen.

Humidifiers with fragrance function not only evaporate moisture, but also add essential oils, which have medicinal properties and enhance the protective functions of the body. Instead of aroma oils, you can use essential oils or coniferous oils, with phytoncides. These are natural antiseptics that will be sprayed along with the escaping steam, killing the bacteria in the room. This is especially important if someone in the family is sick.

Models with ion-exchange resin filters are also available. They clean the water in the humidifier from impurities and limescale and soften it if it’s hard. Thanks to such filters, the air in the room is not only humid, but also clean. This avoids the appearance of white deposits on furniture surfaces when the humidifier is in operation.

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