What to Avoid Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a car is not an easy thing. Even experienced drivers make mistakes while purchasing a used car. Let’s describe what mistakes are made most often when selecting and buying a used vehicle and what should be avoided.

Neglecting diagnostics

It is at least irrational to purchase technically complex and expensive goods that have been exploited before without checking. Although sometimes the seller dissuades from diagnostics: either he does not want to waste time on this, or perhaps he wants to hide some defects. Even if the seller is a friend or relative, it makes sense to carefully inspect and check everything. Such a precaution will preserve a good relationship and protect you from risks. After all, there may be malfunctions in the car that the owner himself does not suspect.

An inspection of the car on the street is unlikely to give an objective assessment of the technical condition of the car’s components. It is best to contact a trusted service, where you plan to further service the purchased car. Mechanics will point out the shortcomings, announce the approximate cost of repairs and make a verdict – to take or not to take.

Giving in to emotions

The body glitters, the headlights sparkle, and the interior smells like a new car. It seems that the car, which was so cared for, is technically flawless. However, this is not necessary at all: polishing the body and headlights and refreshing the interior is not as expensive as eliminating even small defects. And even more so to restore the main components and assemblies. Therefore, emotional people definitely need to take a specialist for examination who will objectively assess the condition of the used vehicles being sold. Remember, the “filling” is much more important!

Naive trust in “premium”

The legend that executive cars have more resources had the right to exist 20-30 years ago. In the modern world, comfort is unthinkable without modern multimedia, parking systems, and other electronic assistants. Environmental regulations required more sophisticated fuel injection and exhaust systems, as well as lightweight supercharged engines. All this means that modern premium-class models are much more complicated than their predecessors, and, as a result, they are more troublesome to maintain and repair. If you are aiming to buy a used executive car, be prepared for the corresponding expenses for its maintenance.

Inattentive verification of documents

When buying a car with your hands, you may encounter scammers. There are moments that should alert the buyer. For example, unrealistic costs relative to the market or inconsistencies in the power of attorney, if the seller is not the owner. It is necessary to carefully check all documents: the passport data of the seller, the contents of the contract of sale, the passport of the car, and the compliance of its contents with the characteristics of the vehicle, as well as observe the rules when processing documents.

It is useful to check the car according to the bases before buying: for theft, for a deposit in a bank, to check the law-abiding owner, and whether there are any errors during customs clearance. To check, you will need the VIN code of the machine. If after checking there are doubts about the purity of the transaction, it is better to abandon the purchase.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust this work to professionals or to purchase a car through special online services for buying a car.

Choosing a car in bad condition in order to save money

Sometimes there is a temptation to buy a very cheap used car, which, as it seems, will be inexpensive to repair. This is a misconception: a “damaged” over-aged car requires more money for repairs than a fresh one. And this is despite the fact that “veterans” are simpler in design and prices for consumables and spare parts for them are often lower. It happens that during the year it takes much more money to repair an old cheap car than to buy it.

Failure to take into account maintenance costs

You should not spend all your money on buying a used car – you may need money in the near future. Even on three- and four-year-old cars with a mileage of 60,000-80,000 km and after one owner, the suspension has to be repaired. Usually, you have to buy a set of tires. Sometimes a car is sold when there are several thousand kilometers left before the big expensive one – the costs of several tens of thousands of rubles will fall on you.

How to decide which car you need?

Choose a used car that meets your real needs and lifestyle. It is not necessary to follow fashion. It’s perfectly normal to be a fan of a certain make, color, or model of car. It’s bad if you buy a car, for example, solely for the sake of white or black color, and without taking into account other characteristics. Decide on the size. A compact city car is perfect for beginners. Take into account the weather conditions of the city and the condition of the roads. All this should be taken into account and put into the budget of the first year of ownership about 10-15% of the cost of the car – for very likely expenses.

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