What Set of Dishes Should Be in The Kitchen?

In dishware stores, in addition to separately arranged appliances and containers for cooking and eating, there are often ready-made kitchen sets.┬áPots, pans, plates, cutlery – all the necessary sets of these products can be purchased in one box.

However, some buyers are repelled by a ready-made solution, and they do not spare their time to independently search for suitable dishes in style. Someone does not like the range offered, someone is counting on a different number of devices. But are these problems so significant, and should they be considered as a reason for not buying?

Set or individually: why is a ready-made set of dishes better?

In the kitchen of every housewife, one way or another, a set of dishes is obtained: one pot for soup, another for cooking porridge, and a third, very small, for everyday tasks. A similar situation develops with plates, pans, kitchen accessories and other items for creating and eating food. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to buy everything at once in one kitchen set than to complete your own.

The second argument in favor of buying a set of kitchen/dining utensils is that single pieces can cost more than ready-made sets.

There is a small catch in a bargain price: perhaps one of the items will never be useful to you. However, this happens extremely rarely, because manufacturers also do not want to scare off buyers and create slow-moving products. Yes, and nothing prevents you from looking at the kitchen set during the purchase process, evaluating all the items offered by the degree of importance / necessity and, in which case, just look at the next offer. After all, today in the kitchen departments and online stores of dishes there are a lot of different sets. Like in chinaware, there is endless variety of products available.

By the way, in order to save time, it is best to look at a set of pots, pans and other products without stepping from rack to rack, but by studying all the information on the network. 

What are the crockery sets?

Most often, there are sets of pots and pans on sale. You can buy 2-4 items in one set. The most common option for pans consists of containers of large, medium and small volumes.

In one set of pans, you can buy 2-3 items of different diameters and depths: for frying, stewing, and, of course, for pancakes.

A set of buckets is also a set of three items:

  • About 2 liters;
  • Up to 1 liter;
  • 500-650 ml (ideal to cook porridge in the morning or boil eggs, and then quickly wash the dishes).

Often on sale you can find kitchen sets with different items. For example, a couple of pots and a frying pan. In the set of dishes, you can find a spatula for stirring, a ladle, a deep fryer or any other kitchen utensil.

A set of kitchen utensils that every housewife should have

The two most important cooking items are pots and pans. And most housewives always have a certain set of these kitchen items.

So, a standard set of pots looks like this:

  1. Large saucepan with a volume of up to 5 liters. It always cooks borscht, soups or cook compotes for the whole family. It is also handy for making pasta.
  2. Medium saucepan with a volume of up to 3 liters. It is needed for side dishes and stews. In the latter case, it is better that the container has low walls and a wide bottom. Then the liquid will evaporate evenly, and it will become easier to track the degree of readiness.
  3. Saucepan (small saucepan up to 1-2 liters, depending on the needs of the hostess). It is convenient to cook oatmeal, boil milk, etc. in it.

Standard set of frying pans:

  • Large deep sided frying pan. Ideally, if it can be put in the oven. Then it will come in handy not only for stewing, but also for cooking baked stews, meat. Some housewives buy a cast-iron grill pan instead of the usual deep-frying pan. Thanks to the ribbed surface, the products are healthier and more interesting to look at.
  • Medium frying pan. In diameter, it may not differ at all from the previous version. But here are the walls of the bowl below. It is important that the coating is non-stick. Then the perfect omelet or chops will always be on the plate. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a lid for the pan.
  • Pancake pan. This is a product with the lowest sides, non-stick coating. Not only pancakes are prepared in the container, but also pancakes, cheesecakes. It is best to buy a pan made of light alloy or ceramic. Although cast iron is fine too.

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