What Makes A Good Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a very important aspect of an application, whether this is an application for a college, university, or job. Some think that a personal statement is not very important and experience and grades matter the most. This however is untrue, and your personal statement is a vital part of your application.  Many people turn to using a personal statement writer to help them to create the perfect personal statement in a professional way, but if that is not an option for you then continue reading as we will provide you with a guide on how to plan, write and check your personal statement to ensure that you create something that you feel confident to use.

Understanding What a Personal Statement Is

The purpose of a personal statement is to explain why you have chosen a specific course or job and what makes you good at it. It gives you the opportunity to be professional and stand out against all other candidates.

A personal statement is extremely important if you’re trying to get into a competitive job or course as this means you need to do everything you can to stand out from your competition. It is the one part of any application that you have control over, and therefore it’s important to make sure you do plenty of research, so you can highlight your curiosity and passion for the job or course that you are applying for.

Planning Your Personal Statement

The first thing you want to do is to make a plan of what you plan to write in your personal statement as an essay writer would. It is very difficult to create a personal statement off the top of your head. Begin by making some notes. For example, if your personal statement is for a college course, consider the following questions:

  • Why do you want to study the course you are applying for?
  • What shows that you suit the course? Consider your experiences as well as  your personality
  • What other skills and interests do you have?

These questions will form the crux of your personal statement, and you need to make sure you write them in a way that makes sense. You could either create a mind map or answer them using bullet points, in the way a professional essay writer would. Ultimately, you need to be clear as to why you should be offered the course or job you have applied for.

Highlight Your Experiences

There are some things that you should add to your personal statement and others that you should leave off. One thing that you do not need to add to your personal statement is qualifications and there’s no point in adding these to your personal statement as the person reading it does not need to know this information. They are more interested in what you have accomplished that someone else applying for the course/job may not have as this will then show that you really want the course or job you are applying for.

Think about all the experience you have and if you are fortunate you may have some direct work experience. Bear in mind that people realize that work experience is not always an option, so they will be looking for other experiences that you have. For example, things you may have done in your spare time i.e. writing a blog part, creating a website, being a part of a debating group, etc. Remember, everything that you mention needs to relate to the course or job you have in mind.


Below is a checklist that you can use as a guide as to what to include in your personal statement:

  • Why are you interested in the course or job?
  • Highlight what you have done outside of school or college that shows your interest in the course or job. Consider voluntary work that may be relevant to the course or job.
  • Include any relevant work experience.
  • Add any skills or qualities that are important to the course or job.
  • Mention any topics that you studied that have left a good impression on you.
  • Include any hobbies, experiences or interests that are also relevant to the course or job you have in mind.

Confidently Display Your Achievements

It is important to be bold about your achievements, but it’s also important to be accurate and focused and keep the language you use professional. A personal statement is there to sell yourself and if this does not come naturally to you, then you may need to get some help. Ask a friend, member of your family or a teacher to help you to write down your qualities.

Starting Your Personal Statement

Always type out your personal statement on a cloud-based word processing document such as Google Docs and avoid copying it straight onto your application until you have finished it. The reason why you should do this is so that you will be able to check for spelling errors easier this way. Additionally, it also means you will always have a backup copy of what you have written in case you need to go back to it again.

In your first sentence, get to the point and mention why you want to do the course you have chosen. It is important to be clear and only describe why it is important to you. Next, you need to talk in more detail and show your enthusiasm for the course.

Focus On Why You Have Chosen The Course

Once you have completed your introduction you will now need to do the following:

  • Talk about work experience or extracurricular activities relevant to the cause.
  • Examples of work that you have enjoyed
  • and your statements by bringing all your points together and remember to include a final emphasis on how you will be committed to the course.

Ending Your Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for college can be challenging and it can be as hard to end your personal statement as it is to start it. What you need to do is make sure you end it with something that stands out. Make sure you leave your reader no doubt that you are the perfect person for the course. Bring together all of your key points and make sure you answer the most important question of all, why you, above everyone, should be the person to get a place on the course.

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