What is the syllabus for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

The Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure or v1.0 lab exam is considered to be an 8 hours long hands-on test, which will need the candidates to plan, design, deploy, operate, and then get to optimize the dual-stack solution. It is perfect for the complex enterprise networks over here. Some of the reliable centers are here to provide you with the updated and latest CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam questions to help you study and pass the lab test with ease. With the help of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure practice test, you can pass the exam on your first attempt.

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The syllabus for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure:

Before you move further to get hands-on with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam papers and solutions, it is important to know more about the syllabus covered under this section. The major ones are listed below for your reference.

  • It starts with the network infrastructure over here.
  • Then you have the software-defined infrastructure as the second syllabus module.
  • For the third course, you have Transport technologies and solutions.
  • Then you have the infrastructure security and services.
  • Finally, for the fifth and final course, you have infrastructure automation and programmability.

Before you can take the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure test, it is mandatory to pass the core exam of 350-401 first. Even for the written exam, you need some valid 350-401 exam dumps for covering all the real exam questions out there. With proper practicing, you can pass the exam in 7 days generally. 

It is important to know more about the syllabus of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure before you can opt for the dumps. It is only after that you will be able to check if you get workbooks and solutions to cover each part of the syllabus or not. Once you have chosen a reputed center like SPOTO, you don’t have to worry about the CCIE EI exam anymore; you will receive the best dumps to help cover the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam with flying colors.

More about the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure:

Cisco has done it again! It has implemented some of the major changes in the CCIE and CCNP certification exams on February 24th, 2020. So, now to get certified, the candidates need to take the same core exam. 

  • Once they pass the core exam, they can easily proceed to take an exam associated with concentration or the focused area.
  • The CCIE candidates, who have chosen to concentrate on the CCEI enterprise infrastructure, must always pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam for getting their ultimate badge.
  • The CCIE Enterprise lab test is also known to be a hands-on lab exam, which will cover the enterprise network design, operation, deployment, and optimization. It is targeted to be one of the toughest exams for Cisco certification.

The benefits you get after passing CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure:

You have to dedicate a good amount of time and effort while preparing for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam. But, once you start to reap the fruits of your labor and end up with a great job role, you will realize the worth of every second of hard work.

The job security by your side:

Job security is the prime reason to go for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam. Right now, learning a new skill is in demand and will assure that you never be jobless. Getting the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification will increase your current job prospects, no matter how the job world is changing!

Then you get the promotion:

With your current expertise, you are likely to play a major role in organizations and companies which will be using the Cisco system. The expertise will always help you to get promoted to that senior position within the firm. 

So, next time you are willing to bag the best job profile under the Cisco panel, then aiming for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure course and passing the exam with flying colors is a good call to make!

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