What Is Penetration Testing?

Few people know what penetration tests are and what they are for. However, when clients of various businesses encounter hacker attacks and other malicious vulnerabilities in their software, they start thinking about ordering a service such as penetration testing. These services are performed by a specialized and competent penetration testing company, which is exactly familiar with all the troubles and problems that can only be. IT professionals will be able to quickly fix the problem, improve the digital product and make it more secure on the Internet. Network security is of great importance, because it is often associated with confidential data or other important information.

Why is this service needed and why should it be provided?

Penetration test, whatever one may say, is a very cool thing. It is about the client’s goal to understand what vulnerabilities are in his web application or website, in another digital product. In essence, a test is carried out to check how strong the protection in the IT infrastructure is and, as a result, advice is formed for the IT specialist on how exactly problems can be fixed.

Testing can be done when you need to check the perimeter of corporate networks (external testing) or perform internal testing (for any internal web resources). Such work, in accordance with the existing rules, which are set in special test scanners, is carried out directly by the person holding the position of a pentester. True, in most cases, in an additional order, you still need to obtain permission from the administrator of the system under test.

To conduct tests, you should know in more detail about the stages:

  • First, the IT professional receives specific information from the client about the problem.
  • Next, open sources are checked, which can be used by attackers and hackers.
  • A special network map is compiled, the types of devices, operating systems, platforms, applications that tend to affect the client’s software are determined.
  • Problems are identified.
  • Analysis of software and operation of defects is carried out.
  • If necessary, and if the client wants, the IT specialist can carry out basic security control work.
  • Then comes the step to verify how hackers could gain unauthorized access to the digital product.
  • During the audit, all stages of work are documented and analyzed in order to prescribe clear recommendations for the client on how to improve software security.

What is important to know?

The test results contain the following information:

  1. What methods did the IT specialist use when testing.
  2. What programs, scanners, data analyzers were involved.
  3. What is the assessment of the security level of this or that software.
  4. What problems were identified (bad password, low level of protection, etc.).
  5. What is recommended to do to solve problems with penetration.

To protect your software, you need to design a better protection system, implement a more innovative protection level management system, monitor security, and so on. Often, clients already agree on this with the programmer so that he carries out comprehensive work on a digital product and does everything possible to protect it from intrusions and hacks in the future.

Why should you use a penetration testing service?

The presence of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by different hackers and intruders poses a really serious danger to a brand, firm, organization and any other company. It is because of this that people may face situations where they lose significant amounts of financial resources, lose their reputation (since when it becomes known that the company’s website has been hacked, users often no longer trust and are afraid to use online resources), find a violation of business continuity and face a number of other problems, they finally agree to this service.

Timely detection of a problem can positively affect the operation of the software in the future. In addition, IT professionals will be able to install such protection that will resist cyber attackers at a high level. Namely enterprise software development company knows firsthand how important is to conduct tests on time. Therefore, turning to specialists, you don’t have to worry about the fact that they will check the operation of web products, platforms, systems, servers and other developments for vulnerabilities, identify problems and, of course, if the client wishes, they will fix them. Be sure, professionals always know exactly where the problem can be hidden, and most importantly – how to fix it.

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