What Career You Should Opt to Become a News Anchor

Are you passionate about becoming a news anchor but are clueless about where to start? Do you know how much does a news anchor make or how many hours a news anchor works a day? Well if you are looking for answers to all of these questions then you have arrived at the right page.

Let’s discuss how to become a news anchor and that too a successful one. News has always been an important and integral part of society since time immemorial. Gone are the days when it used to take months to transfer news from one corner of the world to another. As the world transforms and shrinks into a global village, the news transforms as well and so do the sources of news.

Technology has changed the face of the news and now the whole world knows what happened in the other part of the world thanks to the latest gadgets and the advent of technology. Do you want to become the person who delivers news? Then read along and find out what career you should choose to become a news anchor.

How much does a news anchor make?

News anchoring has become one of the most sought-after fields where aspiring news anchors continue to join the field on a daily basis. Many of these news anchors go unnoticed because of the fierce competition but the one who makes their mark will continue to climb the stairs of success with the passage of time.

The basic salary of a news anchor is not what is initially expected by the aspiring new anchors but it is not that low for a person to feel demotivated. All you need to do is keep on working hard and wait patiently for that big break which will make you famous worldwide. Initially, a news anchor at the beginning of his career will earn somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000 per annum.

There are some very basic requirements for becoming a news anchor. You will be attracted to the job description and the perks attributed to the job but let’s be honest, not everyone has the charisma to become a news anchor.

First and foremost, you must be quick-witted and have a pleasant and decent personality. Your interest in journalism, current affairs, and daily news should be exceptionally high and you should be well-versed in the topics you want to address while anchoring the news.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, to pursue a career in this field, it is important for you to focus and sharpen your news reporting skills. You need to have such charisma that people stop and do not change the channel when you are on screen delivering the news.

There are many successful news anchors like Chris Cuomo, Kelly Ripa, Barbara Walters, Anderson Cooper, etc who were reporters before they touched the valley of success and became celebrated news anchors.

They trained themselves as journalists first and excel in that field so that once they are in the studio delivering the news, they know the essence behind reporting the news.

Becoming a News Anchor?

It is very tough and challenging when it comes to becoming an anchor. Be prepared for the hardships to be faced on this journey as the competition is fierce and there is a cutthroat battle amongst the aspiring anchors all trying to make their mark in the field.

Job Description of a News Anchor

The job description of a news anchor includes delivering the news to the audience and captivating the audience. One of the most important jobs of a news anchor is delivering breaking news to the audience while keeping his cool and having complete control of his nerves. This is one of the major tasks assigned to the news anchors so that the supervisors can analyze whether the person is eligible for this role or not.

Later on, you might get a program of your own or you start hosting a talk show but the training in the initial days of your career will always help you for future endeavors.

Another job description of a news anchor is to be able to conduct interviews with celebrities and other important people like politicians, sportspersons, etc.

Keep in mind that the four years of a bachelor’s degree in any field related to journalism will be completely tested in the field of news anchoring and it will be very hard initially to buckle up to the challenges but one way or another if you passed these trying days, you will be able to excel and move on to higher tiers of anchoring.


When the dream is big then the aspiration becomes enlightened. If you want to make a career as a news anchor, just remember that all the hard work and struggles in the initial time of your career will be put to rest once you become an experienced news anchor.

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