What Are the Benefits of Frankincense Oil for Hair?

The Frankincense essential oil is known as the ‘king of essential oils. It is extracted from the Boswellia serrata trees found in the regions of Pakistan. This excellent oil’s tangy, lemony, and woody aroma can cross your mind. This product comes with a relaxing and soothing effect; without applying this specific oil, you won’t be able to realize its power. This is a staple essential oil that can act as a significant boon for life.

This versatile oil is used for several purposes such as skincare, haircare etc. This article will solely discuss the benefits of Frankincense for hair. For more relevant information, stay tuned to this write-up till the very end!

What Are the Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil?

Before directly learning how Frankincense oil can highly benefit your product, let’s take a quick look at some of the core uses of this product:

  • Facial oil
  • Massage oil
  • Topical treatment for individuals dealing with arthritis
  • Haircare
  • Health supplements
  • Aromatherapy

Well, Frankincense oil can undoubtedly do some absolute wonders. If you are one of those dealing with severe hair issues, you can always rely on this beauty product and combat the challenges seamlessly.

What Are the Benefits of Using Frankincense Oil for Hair?

Without any further delay, let’s quickly check the frankincense oil benefits for hair:

●      Frankincense Oil: It Provides the Best Hair Loss Treatment

Going through the ‘bad hair days regularly is extremely daunting; the bunch of hair stuck in your comb might give you a real hard time. But, by taking the proper steps, you can now fight back all the hurdles and get rid of hair loss.

Castor oil might smell like grease. To equalize that gross scent, adding Frankincense oil will be the best bet! A few drops of this oil can potentially leave you in awe; it’s so damn good! It will also speed up your hair growth process in no time. Let’s talk about it in the next point.

●      Frankincense Oil: It Promotes Growth of Your Hair

By applying Frankincense essential oil, you will be able to stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles and scalp. As a result, you will get blessed with beautiful and long hair. Do you suffer from serious problems such as thinning of hair or hair loss?

Don’t worry; Frankincense oil has got you covered. Eliminating the factor of stickiness typically adds smoothness and shine to your hair!

●      Frankincense Oil: It Allows You to Get Rid of Dandruff

These little white particles are extremely unwanted, and people always want to get rid of dandruff. The excessive oil accumulation paves the way for scaly patches, dandruff, and several other problems. This is where the Frankincense oil can act as your frontline warrior.

●      Frankincense Oil: It Gives Birth to Shiny Hairs

Are you craving glossy locks? You can now achieve better quality hair by using Frankincense oil. This beautiful product can fix all your hair issues and bless you with beautiful shining bangs! It takes care of your scalp and restricts it from getting dry, itchy, and scratchy!

These are some of the frankincense hair benefits that can’t be overlooked under any given scenario.

How Should You Use Frankincense Oil for Your Hair’s Wellbeing?

To get immediate access to a more vibrant and healthier kind of hair quality, you can choose to use this excellent product in two ways. Check out the pointers stated below right away:

Mixing Frankincense with Your Shampoo

Applying shampoo to your hair frequently allows you to get rid of grime, dirt, and naturally build-up oils. You can now say ‘nay’ to dull hair and ‘yay’ to glossy and smooth hair. However, sometimes using shampoo is not everything that your hair demands.

You can choose to mix Frankincense with your shampoo and see the unparalleled outcome that can cross your mind. Make your shampooing experiment better by following these basic steps:

  • Take a reasonable amount of your regular shampoo and add three drops of Frankincense oil to it. Mix it on your palms gently using your fingertips and apply the mixture to your drenched hair.
  • Rinse and repeat the process; you already know how to shampoo your hair; there’s absolutely nothing to explain here.

Scalp Massage

Do you know that dealing with a dry scalp paves the way for dandruff? The entire process of maintaining your hair wealth starts with taking care of your scalp. That’s why massaging that part with Frankincense oil might be immensely helpful. It will bless you with a more nourished and balanced hair with a shinier feel.

A few drops of this product are potent enough to do some real magic. Check out the actual process of massaging your scalp with Frankincense oil:

  • Divide your hair into small sections and apply the oil to the exposed parts of the scalp.
  • Use your fingertips to massage it with utmost love and care; continue applying the product until and unless it feels absorbed.
  • After massaging your entire scalp, you can now use the extra oil on your hair’s damaged and dry parts.
  • To allow the oil to penetrate your scalp, you need to wrap your head using a towel and wait for at least 30 minutes.
  • After that, remove the towel and wash it gently. The predictable outcome will make you fall in love with those curls over and over again.


  1. Is using Frankincense oil an appropriate option for hair maintenance?

Since it can facilitate hair growth and soothe hair follicles, using this particular oil can be beneficial.

  • How often should you apply Frankincense oil to your hair?

You can choose to apply this product on consecutive days if you feel like it. If you are willing to mix this product with your regular shampoo, performing the process twice a week can potentially serve your purpose.

  • Is Frankincense oil a good option to combat scalp infections?

Definitely, it is. Since it prevents your scalp from getting dry and itchy, developing an infection is negligible.

  • How can you use Frankincense oil as a natural conditioner?

For this purpose, you will have to heat the oil with a carrier oil and blend it thoroughly. Ensure to cool the mixture before massaging it onto your scalp. This hot oil treatment can act as a brilliant natural conditioner.

  • Where can you get Frankincense oil?

Several online stores sell Frankincense oil; you can choose any of them and order this fantastic product in your comfort zone and convenience.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are now quite aware of the frankincense essential oil benefits for hair. This simple yet effective solution can make your life smooth, like a cakewalk!

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