What Are Interactive Slots?

Slots machines have been popular all over the planet for more than a century, but the games we play now are very different from those that first appeared in the late 19th century.

Interactive slots are among the latest innovations in online gaming and you can find them on popular gambling websites such as 1GoodBet.

So, how exactly do they work? What defines an interactive slot? Take a look at our explanation below.

The Rise of Online Slots

To understand how interactive slots have emerged, we need to go back in time a little, to see how these games made the switch from land establishments to online casinos. This began around the end of the 20th century but gained pace in the last few years.

Slots developers have reacted to the incredible growth in popularity of online casinos by bringing out a bigger selection of more varied games. While some have focused on retro slots, others have used the latest technology to introduce realistic graphics, 3D images, video clips, and other interesting features.

This has led to a huge amount of variety in online casinos, with a large and widely varied selection of slots that are designed to appeal to all types of player.  While some might like a simple three-reel affair with few features, others prefer to play in an engrossing game that immerses them in a virtual world with unique characters and features.

What Does an Interactive Slot Involve?

There is no simple definition of what an interactive slot should or shouldn’t include. If we turn to the dictionary for some help, we can see that the word ‘interactive’ is typically used to refer to a two-way flow of information where a computer responds to the user’s actions and inputs.

Bearing this in mind, we can start by saying which slots aren’t truly interactive. This would be the type of game where you only have to choose your stake and hit the start button. The reels spin around and then stop randomly, with no further input required from the player. Any win is paid out automatically and the player can choose to spin again or not.

We can compare that type of gameplay to a more complex type of slot with bonus rounds. In this case, a certain number or combination of symbols is needed to trigger the bonus feature. At this point, a short video may play, which is often used as a way of advancing the slot’s story and introducing us to the bonus round.

The player then gets to choose how to play the feature, which is the part that makes it interactive. This can involve picking an object, choosing a route through a map, or spinning a wheel. There is no limit to the different types of bonus game, as we’re simply looking for something that the player has to play a part in.

This interactive element is added to the classic slots gameplay, meaning that it gives an extra way of trying to claim a win. The bonus round often has the chance for the game’s biggest prizes and some of them take the player on a thrilling journey through several stages.

What Might the Future of Interactive Slots Involve?

The diversification of the online slots industry is set to continue, as different games developers focus on their own preferred style of game. Improving technology is a key factor too, as this can be used to create more complex games that are genuinely immersive. For example, it’s easy to imagine virtual reality and augmented reality being used to make the games even more interesting. Anyone who enjoys playing casino games can already find a big selection of games of this kind, and this is sure to become even easier to find in the future.

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