What are call tracking metrics?

With call tracking metrics, you can track inbound communications, across any channel, to your marketing campaigns. Every call, chat and form that you obtain on a Call Tracking Metrics tracking number will be related to the movement that inspired it, whether it was a PPC ad or billboard. Reduce your spending on campaigns that are not performing and direct the budget towards the advertisements that are bringing high-value leads & conversions.

You can explore Your Tracking Options

If you can attach any number to it, you can track it with call tracking metrics. If you want to know how does call tracking work you can analyze calls from paid search, direct mail campaigns, TV ads, print collateral, and more. For offline foundations, you will purchase a number to assign to a static advertisement, whereas online ads utilize our powerful dynamic quantity insertion technology to vigorously swap the number on your website based on the visitor’s landing side or referring pattern.

How does the dynamic number insertion work?

Introducing a single line of code on your website will enable us to swap the phone number listed on your site to a Call Tracking Metrics tracking number. Guests will see a tracking number you allot to the source they use to find you, and you will be able to see powerful site session data when they call in. By conveying a different tracking number to each advertising source, you will gain valued insight into how each of the marketing campaigns is performing.

Today’s customers are not always willing to pick up the phone to talk to a professional, which is why an omnichannel communications policy is essential. Our software tracks texts, call tracking reviews, live chats, and form submissions and can generate prompt communications back to your clients so you can reach them and close the deal.

Endless tracking number choices to satisfy your business requirements

Make a lasting impression with a vanity number or use the feature in https://call-tracking.org/ to display numbers local to your customer which is a great option for companies with a nationwide footprint.

What Call Tracking Metrics Should I Emphasis On?

The brief rundown of metrics that you should be concentrating on once your device has a call tracking solution is:

  • Call Volume – You will be able to view attribution and comprehend what ads drive calls. You can view detailed reports & get insight to call patterns, giving insight that will help you completely understand ROI.
  • First-time Caller – This metric displays you which callers are reaching you for the first time. This is an enormously important metric you will want to pay attention to. This KPI shows you which marketing plans are bringing in new calls to your profession.
  • Call Duration – Not all calls are similarly valuable. Some calls are probable to yield better leads. The longer the call, the more probable it is to turn into a quality lead. Call tracking metrics to deliver you with the length of every call, allowing you to regulate which campaigns, keywords, PPC landing pages, and advertisements generate long, and more meaningful conversations.
  • Call Time of Day & Location – While PPC campaigns let you change bids by any time of day, call tracking metrics can tell what time of day and what positions result in the largest percentage of changes. You can use this data to adjust your bids accordingly, letting you make the most of the PPC dollars.
  • Landing Page Performance – Prospects characteristically have some options when visiting the PPC landing page. They can fill out a contact form or pick up the phone to call you. Without the call tracking feature, you will be able to gather information about the number of forms filled. Our call tracking services help you enhance your marketing efforts. When you practice our call tracking services, you have the skill to leverage call metrics to gather full, actionable data that can influence your overall marketing strategy. You can attach your campaign to your Call Tracking Metrics account if you would like to comprise their analytics data for integration to your Rank Ranger reports counting Call Tracking Metrics Overview & Call Tracking Calls reports, as well as Insight Graphs, and white label dashboards.

Call Tracking Metrics Incorporation

  • Authorize all the Connections to Call Tracking Metrics           
  • Integrate all the Call Tracking Metrics with Rank Ranger
  • Call Tracking Metrics addition
  • Authenticate the Call Tracking Metrics Connection
  • Enter your Call Tracking API Access Key, Secret Key, and click the Add button.
  • Name Call Tracking Metrics Connection
  • Enter a Connection Name that will make it easy for users to classify the account it agrees to and click the Update button.
  • Edit the Connection Name
  • After connecting the campaign to the Call Tracking Metrics API, choose the Call Tracking Metrics account that is related to the rank tracking campaign, and click Connect button.
  • A success message displays and Connect button is replaced with graphs and widgets, and a choice to disconnect the campaign from integrated data.

After successful connection to a campaign, you can use the Insight Graph, Single Metric Widgets, track reviews at call tracking reviews, and analyze a diversity of Call Tracking Metrics data like

  • Total Call
  • Total Caller
  • Average Ringing Time
  • Average Talking Time
  • Average Call Durations
  • Conversion

Why Call Tracking Metrics Are Important to Successful Selling

Call metrics support to the analysis of call data and the tracking feature tracks the status of calls. Advanced KPIs provide you whole insights into areas of development that will advance your business performance.

The significance of Call Tracking Metrics

The correct data will give you a peek into the agent’s work process, performance, and how it is impacting your business. They are also key to repeating performance and setting goals. Call tracking metrics are the best key to your business’ achievement. Knowing the average call length helps you plan, save time, and help call agents send personalized messages and professionally resolve customer queries. Not every call will be a genuine one, so set a call period as a threshold a call must fulfill before it can be careful a serious lead.

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