What Are Accident Reconstruction Experts and How to Get One?

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Immediately after a fatal accident, the road police will set up a post-accident party and send in an accident reconstruction expert. It is someone who will start an on-scene investigation to determine what happened, what caused it, and what could have prevented it. It is a critical decision because when the police are done with their investigation, there are already unscrupulous individuals out there trying to make money off of you. The best way to protect yourself from this is to hire a professional expert of your own who can testify on your behalf.

Who Should Hire One of These Specialists?

Hiring this type of specialist is best if you plan to pursue any compensation for an accident that was not your fault. If you do not hire one immediately after the accident, you can always call on one later, as long as you have the money to pay them.

If legal actions are involved, you will need a professional to give an opinion about what happened and how it should be handled. For example, if you were involved in a car accident in Indiana, an Indiana personal injury attorney can help strengthen the case by hiring an accident reconstruction engineer. Lawyers usually work with experts in different fields and trust these specialists’ opinions regarding what happened.

An independent expert can decide whether your lawyer has a strong case or needs to rely on other elements to win you a settlement or a jury award.

What Is the Job Description of an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

This type of specialist will do what he can to determine if the accident was the fault of one driver or both. He will also try to assess any contributory negligence from both drivers. It means that if one driver did not follow traffic rules and breached safety, they might not be entitled to anything should compensation come up.

The work of this expert is significant as it will shape how your case is handled by the police, insurance companies, and lawyers.

What Kind of Expertise is Needed?

When the police are done with the investigation, they will have a picture or story of what happened. Your expert might have to question that story, find new evidence that changes it, or prove who is truly liable. There are several kinds of accidents, each requiring a different approach to get accurate results. Some experts handle only one type of investigation, while others do several investigations. Most such experts are versed in math, physics, statistics, engineering, mechanics, IT, etc.

How to Get an Accident Reconstruction Expert on Your Side?

If you want to take legal action against a liable party, you can hire one of these experts to make sense of the case and testify on your behalf. If it is a dispute between two parties, the court will provide a qualified expert to both sides. If you are paying for one of these experts, you have to be prepared to spend on it.

These specialists can be hired through referrals or on your own. Referrals can come from law offices or discussions with friends who have hired them before. If you have already hired one or know someone who has, do not hesitate to contact that person to hire a second expert.

If you do not hire one immediately after an accident, it can be challenging to get another one later. Moreover, if you go with a court-recommended expert, you may be unsatisfied with their work, so you should have an independent one ready to review the case.

However, the most important reason is that hiring this specialist can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands in the future. Mane experts will offer a free initial consultation, and some even have discounts for exceptional cases. Your attorney will handle this aspect, which you will later handle when you get your settlement or court award.

What Are the Steps to Hiring an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

If your personal injury lawyer doesn’t already have a few specialists on call – which is not likely – you can try finding one. Let’s see how:

Step 1. Discuss the job by email, phone call, or in person. In the email, describe your case and what you hope to get from the expert. See if they have any experience with similar cases or work for a firm specializing in this work.

Step 2. Check if the expert has online resources. Find the traffic accident reports on their website and ask them for information about similar cases in which they worked.

Step 3. Ask for information about their rates. It will tell them that you are serious about hiring them.

Bottom Line

The accident reconstruction expert can greatly help when dealing with an accident that results in damages, injuries, or fatalities. Do not hesitate to hire one if the case requires it, or you might find yourself with nothing in the end.

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