Want to Launch Your Professional Path in IT? Here’s Why You Should Choose Certbolt CompTIA A+ Certification

Day by day, the IT field continues to grow and becomes more and more competitive, as one would hardly find a technical practitioner sitting on his/her laurels. In other words, IT professionals today are often on the lookout for the best ways to add to their credibility, especially to open better opportunities for themselves. And of course, credibility, as well as validation, can only be satisfactorily achieved by enrolling in reputable certifications, one of which is the CompTIA A+ Practice Test designation. 

What about CompTIA A+?

You might be wondering what exactly this certification is. Well, CompTIA A+ is an entry-level accreditation track that is designed to serve as a launchpad for your career in the IT sector. With it, you become certified as a knowledgeable and skilled specialist in various fundamental tech-related areas, and you also get the opportunity to start your professional pathway with various high-demand job roles in reputable companies like Intel, HP, etc. Meanwhile, to earn this certificate, you need to pass the Core 1 (220-1001) and the Core 2 (220-1002) exams.

Why Enroll in the CompTIA A+ Certification?

There is a myriad of reasons why the CompTIA A+ accreditation should be number one in your preference list. Below are a few of these reasons:

  • Unquestionability of this Certificate

To begin with, CompTIA is a reputable IT vendor that offers various certifications of different levels, from pre-career and entry to professional and additional professional certifications. It means that earning a CompTIA-issued certificate serves as a goldmine for you, as its credibility cannot be questioned by anyone. Thus, kick-starting your career through the CompTIA A+ validation track will bring you great opportunities.

  • Affirmation of your Commitment Level

Indeed, gaining the CompTIA A+ certification is an automatic testimony to how dedicated and result-oriented you can be. This is especially based on the fact that you must have patiently gone through various training programs and eventually sat all two associated tests. Therefore, this presents you like a hotcake to recruiters.

  • Validation of Skills in Nine Key Areas

With A+ Practice Test you will get to master nine different basic aspects of IT while also validating yourself as a reliable and savvy specialist in the concerned domains. Basically, these knowledge areas include hardware, operating systems, networking, mobile devices, security, hardware & network troubleshooting, operational procedures, virtualization & cloud computing, alongside software troubleshooting. Certainly, obtaining this knowledge and skillset will help smoothen your path to the top of your career.  

  • Better Employment Prospects

Another important reason why you should obtain the CompTIA A+ qualification is the fact that it is capable of earning you some high-demand job roles such as Associate Network Engineer, Field Service Technician, Service Desk Analyst, Desktop Support Administrator among others. Moreover, that internationally reputable companies such as Dell, Nissan, etc. value an A+ designation, and you sure know what that means!


To sum up, you must have observed that the CompTIA A+ certification is the best choice for you if you really want the best in gradually working your path through the IT world. And guess what? You can even go a few more steps higher by taking advantage of the intermediate-level as well as the advanced-level CompTIA designations too. You sure don’t want to stop at the achieved results, you know.   

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