US/Canadian Cross-Border Businesses & How They Work

Building a business can be a difficult undertaking. From finances to legal matters to properties and overheads, a lot goes in. But when your business does start to take flight, it can be even more difficult to cross international borders and take the leap into other countries. After all, business is different around the world. Some products will do better in certain countries, the legal system is different, or demand for your product might be completely different in another part of the world. 

That’s why in this article we’re taking a look at cross-border businesses between Canada and the United States and how these successful endeavors make it work. We’ll start with an industry that lends itself well to making the border hop.

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It helps to have a business that transcends physical boundaries. With the help of the internet, such a business can be many places in the world. BetMGM is set up on both sides of the border and thus benefits from a twofold business strategy where American and Canadian players are both made aware of its existence. Thus, being able to operate out of both countries has more than doubled its player base. Many gambling companies and companies operating within that sphere – review sites, for example – have found that the key to success remains to target the specific locations, however. For example, you can access a Canadian website to get a BetMGM promo code not just specifically for the Canadian wing of that casino, but for the site accessed specifically from Ontario State.

However, what happens when a company relies on physical events and locations as well? What happens when you have to split the business between online and physical?

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The NHL presents unique opportunities as it’s an American league where Canadian teams compete. This makes it possible for teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs to promote their team using the NHL website. Tickets and season memberships can be purchased from the NHL website among many other possibilities. This is all enhanced by the fact that the website itself is a one-stop-shop for all teams in the league. This will peel American eyes away from familiar teams and promote this cross-border business in ways that it otherwise couldn’t. Pair that with the fact that Maple Leaf memorabilia will be available in US games, and you have a recipe for success. 

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This cleaning company is a business that hopped borders in a way that was not only seamless but also simple. While they started as a Canadian company, they moved their business to the US when they became profitable enough. This differs from the first two examples because they have a physical business and are successful on their own merit with their own website. When they decided to head over to the states, they not only set up physical locations, but they made a US-specific website for the same services they offer in Canada

By not offering a trimmed-down version of what they offered in Canada, they effectively moved over the same business to a bigger market. This gave them more opportunities and eventually helped them make the move over to Australia. In time, they could very well be available around the whole world. 

So if you’re looking to expand your business to be cross-border, it might be worth studying up on some of these business practices. You could take your idea from your garage the world over. 

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