Unexpected ways to enjoy Online Casinos without risking anything

Most people think that playing at casinos always means risking huge amounts in order to perhaps gain something big. However, this is not always the case and is something that entirely depends on a player’s likes and dislikes. There are many ways to play casino games without risking your savings, or indeed, even spending any money. So, here is a list of things you can do to have fun at an online casino without risking anything. 

Trial Games

Most online casinos offer game trials. Players can open a game in trial mode to see if they like it. The website gives you free money that you can play with, and see if the aesthetic suits you.
Though the free money given is not something you can withdraw or turn into winnings, playing trial games often gives you a big edge. It helps you understand the rules of the game before you jump in, and can also show you if a game is actually winnable. It also allows you to observe the game long-term and plan strategies.

Many luck-based games like roulette can over a long period of time reveal their bias for certain numbers or sides. Mapping these through trial games gives you an edge without having to spend huge amounts leading to losses.

However, the problem with the trial version is that depending on the site, some games can stop halfway and to play more you will have to log in and start playing the real game. So it is always a good idea to play the trial version on multiple sites first before signing in.

Another point to remember is that Live versions often cannot be played as a trial. What some websites do is allow you to be an onlooker if you are not a member yet. These are extremely helpful to see how particular dealers and the casinos function and also pick up a few tricks from the pros.

For your ease we are providing you with this websiteCasinofox.in which has listed some of the best online casinos from where you can find casinos that provide trial games.

No deposit bonuses

Most welcome bonuses come with wagering requirements except No deposit bonuses. A no deposit bonus allows you to collect a bonus without first depositing any money of your own. This is essentially free money. These are extremely rare to find, but some reputed casinos do offer them to players. Some also give out no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins or special features.

If while using these special bonuses, you trigger more bonuses through games at the casino, you can easily take all of your winnings home without spending a dime.

Always read a website’s bonus terms and conditions before you start using the bonus. This is to make sure that you are following the laid down rules and therefore will not be barred from receiving your winnings.

Free Games

If you can’t find the full trial version of a game you are interested in on your favorite online casinos, you can always look for the full versions elsewhere.

The first place to check would be the website of the makers of the game. Many times they will have the full version of the game up on their site as part of a promo. So if the game you want to play is by NetEnt, just head straight to their site and search for the game you have your eye on.
Checking out the software creator’s website gives you an indeed edge. You can know more about the background mechanics, and also get casino recommendations from them to.

The other option is checking out websites that have multiple casino games from different game makers. The great thing about these sites is that there is no bias. Since they are not trying to sell you a particular casino or game, you can rest assured that the games are totally legitimate. This means that not only can you play the full versions, but you can also actually understand it without worrying if it’s truly showing you every aspect of the game.
Most such sites do not require you to sign-up or have an account. On top of that, you do not play with real money, meaning you are not risking anything even as you have fun.

VIP clubs and cashbacks

Almost all online casinos offer welcome bonuses i.e. a monetary bonus for playing on their site. However, what most people don’t realize is that becoming a part of the VIP club gives huge perks to players.

Different sites have different perks, such as cashback on losing a bet or game, free spins, extra cash bonuses, and more. Many even give out free tickets, events, and more. Over time, being a VIP member can save you a massive amount of money as a serious player.

The best part is that these perks do not require you to risk your money. The membership is not going to be lost if you lose a game, or simply decide not to play. Different sites have differing requirements and eligibility criteria. So before you sign up for an online casino, make sure to look up the terms and conditions for their VIP programs and clubs along with the more important sections. ,


Many players enjoy taking part in, or simply observing the various tournaments that online casinos put up. These can range from anything like Poker to slot or bingo.
For those who prefer to play, once you sign up, you will actually be given a certain amount to play with. You as a player, in most competitions, do not have to spend your own money on every move. Even better, if you win the tournament, you can stand to win huge cash prizes for yourself!

Slot tournaments, for example, simply require you to have the highest amount of winnings at the end. Poker crowns the last one standing. The challenge is that everyone starts with the same amount, and is thus more about the skill of players.

It is a great idea to simply observe these tournaments as well. Since many professionals join them, if you are a new player, such tournaments give you the chance to pick up some great tips and tricks.

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