UK Summer Getaways

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s the ideal time to start planning for a summer holiday. But with the cost of living continuing to rise, many people are sticking to the ‘staycations’ with which we’ve all become familiar over the last few years.

It’s not just the cost of accommodation that should be factored in but your spending money, too. Last year, families spent £769.70 on their holidays. From sightseeing to eating out, buying souvenirs to keeping kids entertained on rainy days, staycations aren’t cheap.

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To give you plenty of time to plan, prep and save, as well as provide you with some much-needed inspiration, here are some of our top destinations for a UK summer getaway.

Beach breaks

With 77 Blue Flag beaches across England, as well as stunning shores in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there’s no shortage of beach breaks.

Devon and Cornwall are ideal for those who love to surf by day and dine out by night, whereas the coastal resorts of Brighton, Margate, and Blackpool provide a quintessential British beach break. The beaches of Norfolk and North Wales, meanwhile, offer more rugged landscapes.

Countryside escapes

Ireland may be the Emerald Isle but Great Britain is no slouch when it comes to idyllic rural retreats. From the wilds of Bronte country in Yorkshire to the panoramic vistas in the Lake Districts and, of course, the ancient glens and lochs of the Highlands of Scotland, there are a host of incredible sights to be seen.

For a truly authentic countryside escape, pitch a tent under the stars and marvel at the clear night sky.

City sightseeing

If luxury is more your thing, then you can’t beat a city sightseeing trip. For romantic weekends away, the historic cities of York and Bath are musts. Explore the ancient streets and discover over a thousand years’ worth of history.

From the Roman baths in Bath to the medieval Shambles in York, the Bridgerton skyline of the Royal Crescent to the monolithic Minster, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

For family-friendly city breaks, trips to the great capitals of Edinburgh and London offer plenty of kid-friendly attractions. Follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter, discover the blue planet at Sea Life Centres, and enjoy hands-on science museums.

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