Tutorial on Naming a Private Company

The saying goes something like, “Your business is your baby,” and it’s never more true than when you’re beginning a new firm and trying to register company name. If you want to start a business under a certain name, you should first verify the availability of that name with a Companies House company name check. This article will walk you through the steps of doing a business name check with Companies House and will detail all you need to know about the legal ramifications of choosing a certain name for your limited liability company.

What Requirements Exist for Naming a Limited Liability Company?

The rules and regulations for selecting a company name are laid out in detail in the Companies Act 2006, the Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) and some others.

You may find out whether a proposed business name is available by running it through Companies House.

Discouraged Naming Practices

A business name check with Companies House requires that you take into account the following details:

  • Avoid registering a company name that sounds like another. People would be confused and misled. If the current business approves of your registration name or if your new company will be part of the same group, this is not an issue.
  • Avoid naming your firm after the British government, governmental authority, the Royal family, or other official entities.
  • Avoid using terms that suggest superiority in business or high social standing.
  • UK, London, Scotland, etc. in a company’s name suggest government or other authority. Companies House’s Secretary of State must authorize such names.
  • It’s not a good idea to use any profanity or connotations of wrongdoing in your company’s name.
  • If you want to avoid any legal issues and claims of intellectual property theft, you should check the trademark registry.
  • You should have the qualifications to use a title or word that implies a specific field of employment. Professional certification is also required.

Name Your Company “Limited” or “Ltd.”

The words “Limited” or “Ltd.” appended to the end of a private limited company’s name are mandated by law. “Cyfyngedig” or “CFY” may be used by Welsh companies. Following incorporation, the full “Limited” or the abbreviation “Ltd.” may be used interchangeably, and there is no legal distinction between the two.

However, certain limited-by-guarantee corporations may be excluded from this rule.

Choosing Dissolved Limited Company Name 

A previously existing limited business name may be reused without violating any laws. If you’re set on using the name of a defunct firm, you should investigate its history of dealings to make sure it doesn’t have any unsavory connotations.

The deceased firm’s unhappy customers won’t care about your new business registration number. Thus, before choosing a company name, you must do considerable research to verify it has no bad implications.

Companies House’s most current financial records might reveal more about a corporation than a company name check. Google will also provide intriguing facts about the bankrupt company. Check the dissolved business’s credit for County Court Judgments (CCJs).

Doing a Name Search for a Company Through Companies House

Now that you know what to search for and what choices you have, you can use the “name availability checker” on the Companies House website to verify the availability of a business name.

A business formation agent may also help see that all the steps, procedures, and research are completed without any hiccups.

Remember: It’s important to follow the rules and steer clear of phrases that might damage your company’s reputation while coming up with a name. Verify the availability of the name with a search at Companies House. If Companies House doesn’t approve of your proposed business name, you’ll have to start again.
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