TOP 5 student startups in 2021

The college environment is created for learning. However, you are not restricted from implementing the ideas and starting businesses that grow into global brands. 2021 has proven that students can launch successful businesses in different sectors and capture the imagination of the entire world.


The biggest challenge for student startups has been balancing school responsibilities and the need to run a successful company. Online dissertation writing service helps you to complete such school work as coursework, essays, and term papers to give you more time to work on your startup. Such help guarantees peace of mind as you work on your business idea.

Here are student startups that stole the limelight in 2021.

1. Vita Innovations

Vita Innovations is a series of products to reduce emergency room overcrowding. It is a project of Cornell University. It aims at creating functional biomedical wearables, especially to solve the challenges occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The innovation won the Today International Impact Challenge as well as IBM Coronavirus Challenge. It was also recognized among the top startups during the Cornell Entrepreneurship Conference. Such accolades point at products with the potential of changing the landscape during the fight against the Coronavirus.

The Cornell University students developed reusable and cleanable masks. The masks could prevent such respiratory diseases as Covid-19. The masks were fitted with biosensors that revealed such signs as heartbeat, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels, crucial indicators of the health of a patient, especially during the Covid-19 era.

The startup helps medical practitioners to isolate potentially-sick people in crowded places. By detecting the signs early, they can stop them from interacting with others and spreading the disease. The innovation is regarded among the most responsive startups by students in 2021 as it seeks to solve present-day pressing challenges.

2. Echopoint Medical

Echopoint Medical is another innovation in the medical sector. Its focus is the inaccurate diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. Students from London University wanted to provide a fast, more accurate, and cheaper solution to prevent the agony of misdiagnosis.

The students began working on their idea in 2018. They developed optical sensing technology to assist cardiologists in easily diagnosing heart diseases. The technology will prevent cardiologists from conducting many unwarranted heart operations. It is an innovation that will ease the management of heart conditions.

3. Google

Some of the oldest innovations continue to inspire students in 2021. Google started in 1998 but continues to dominate the search market in 2021. The founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brinwere graduate students at the University of Stanford.

In the beginning, the project was too expensive and required a lot of work. They even tried to sell the company for $1million. Luckily for them, the potential buyer pulled away from the deal. Today, Google controls web searches on all devices imaginable. It is also considered one of the most powerful transnational brands in the world.

4. Perlego

College textbooks and learning materials are a huge challenge for many students. Matthew Davis and Gauthier Van saw an opportunity to solve the problem by providing books to students around the world. Students can subscribe to their website and get thousands of books as well as research materials at an affordable cost. Perlego was voted among the fastest-growing startups in Britain in 2021.

5. Immerse

The startup is a platform to teach the English language using Virtual Reality technology. The student creates avatars for practice and learning. It is one of the fastest-growing ed-tech companies in the world today.

Students continue to make an impact in the world through thoughtful startups. They create more time by getting homework help from professionals. It leaves them with ample time to develop their ideas into viable businesses.

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