Top 3 Wireless Charging Devices on the Internet

You are on the subway bound for home, feeling all drowsy, when suddenly your boss calls you up with an important task, which you must do at that very moment. You are to send a core file to an international client who will not be available later on. Having left your laptop at the office, you agitatedly start browsing through your smartphone, hoping to locate that document in time.

Just your luck!

You find it, and as you are about to hit that ‘send’ icon, your mobile’s battery gives way and dies out. At the worst possible timing EVER! With no way to recharge it and save your career from being jeopardized!

Yes, it is in these tight situations when a wireless charging solution sounds nothing short of heaven.

Most of the time, you are on the roads, traveling from point A to B. That is how the modern world, bent on speedy progress, has shaped you and your routine. In such a mode of life, wires becomes a hassle.

That is why a majority of the tech giants these days focus on cutting their ties with the ‘cord’ and aim to introduce products with wireless charging capabilities in the ever-flourishing smartphone market. With most of the digital home phones already offering cordless functionality to the consumers, it is about time that the smartphones stopped relying on wired tech too!

This is the last year when you would have to tether your smartphone to an electrical outlet for it to juice up. Wired chargers are slowly becoming outdated. Wireless chargers with their portability, dynamic design, and cordless feature are the future, rightfully so.

Take advantage of the New Year’s Eve sale and get the aforementioned chargers at a discounted rate on Amazon. Make sure you are connected to a high-speed internet connection when placing your order because the digital shelves are highly crowded at this time of the year. So, if you are looking for powerful internet service, then check out Spectrum internet plans as they offer incredible internet speeds with minimum lag. With that said, let us explore some of the rising suns in the field and check out what we can expect from the flagship firms.

Samsung’s Charging Duo:

This goliath company has been up and at it since 2015. At what? The creation of fast wireless charging solutions to remove the hassle of wires. Now, it has released a super-powered black wireless charger with dual functionality. This pad can charge two Qi-compatible devices at one time, and in both portrait and/or landscape orientations! How? Because the dual coils ensure a better charging connection.

The best part of all is that you can unplug the inclined stand and take it with you on your travels. This light and highly portable stand are available on Samsung’s site for a mere $59.99. Simply set down your smartphone (Samsung Galaxy 8 and above) on the charger and use it uninterruptedly, even on the subway!

Apple’s AirPower:

Apple has successfully released its wireless charging oval-shaped pad, which goes by the name of AirPower. It was unveiled at the iPhone X event last year, but due to engineering and certain technical issues, its release was delayed.

However, once it comes out, AirPoweris hoped to charge not only the latest glass-backed iPhones but the Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods too. All you would need to do is simply place the devices on the mat and it will start charging them right away. No need for worrying about plugging in any sort of wires. You can expect it to come with a $149 tag when it does hit the shelves.

Google’s Pixel Stand:

Coincidentally, Google has also been catching up with the wireless charging trend. It is new, though unreleased, smartphone varieties are rumored to come with wireless charging capabilities, especially the latest Pixel 3 XL phone, still in the process of production, as it seems. With it, word has reached us of a Pixel stand as well, which is a fast wireless charging station. The unique feature of this Google product will be AI assistant technology. Cool, right?

Therefore, as you may have realized this by now, wireless charging will be the biggest trend you will come across in 2021. Prepare for it now and stay technologically up-to-date in the future.

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