Top 13 Fathers Day Golf Gifts To Give Your Golfer Dad This Year

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning gifts for dads. This is not always a simple task. When you think of spending Father’s Day with your dad, what do you think of?

Along with beer, sports, and yardwork, golf is one of those age-old cliches about dads. These get used repeatedly to sell Father’s Day gifts, cards, experiences, and more. Not all fathers love these things, but there’s nothing wrong with going all in on golf stuff for dad if he actually does love the sport. 

Fathers Day golf gifts are a perfect option (and not just because there’s an abundance of golf-geared gifts around this time of year to choose from)! Golf presents for dad show that you’re paying attention to his interests, and many of these gift ideas help encourage him to go outside, get some sunshine, and focus on something he really enjoys doing. Plus it’s a great form of exercise. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – what gifts do you get a golfer dad for Father’s Day? It can be hard to think of Father’s Day golf accessories to get, especially if your dad is the type of guy who seems to have it all.

Go beyond the typical Father’s Day golf clubs or “golf-gag” card with cash inside and check out this solid gift idea list to make sure your Father’s Day golf gifts are a hole-in-one.

13 Golf Gifts Ideas For Dad This Father’s Day

  1. Professional-Quality Putting Mat

Putting mats aren’t just a tool used by novice players to practice. Golfers are always interested in improving their game, even the pros.

Perfect Practice putting mats are perfect gifts for golfers because you can practice your putting no matter what the weather brings. Yup, this means no more “off-season.” Now dad can golf year round – even during a blizzard!

The putting mats come in different designs to suit dad’s style. You can choose between standard (9 feet, 6 inches) or XL (15 feet, 6 inches) mat sizes that accommodate both short and long distance training. Plus, you can include some extra Perfect Practice fathers day golf accessories for a complete golf practice present.

2. Visit Augusta National During Masters Week

Plan a trip to Augusta, GA! This Father’s Day golf gift idea will require planning, a high budget, and a lot of patience. But if you can pull it off, it’s one of the ultimate gifts for golfers we can think of.

The Masters is a major tournament for men’s pro golfers that takes place in Augusta every April. There are only four major tournaments in professional men’s golf each year – attending any one of these is a pretty special event, but the Masters is the first of the season.  

Since Augusta National is a private club, private course tours are not available to the public. However, you can apply to purchase tickets for attendance to the live event.

Practice rounds and a limited number of tournament rounds tickets are available through the application process. Per their ticket information, you can apply to as many events as you want, but if accepted, you’re only eligible to attend one day.

3. New Golf Apparel

Clothes may seem like a disappointing choice when thinking about fathers day golf gifts, but we promise it’s not. The right clothing items are golf essentials for any golfer, new or seasoned.

If you are not a golfer, you may not know that there is a certain etiquette for proper attire on the golf course. Men are encouraged to wear a collared shirt and khakis or slacks – jeans, sweatpants, and t-shirts stay at home!

Spruce up dad’s putting style with some new clothing items he can sport on the green. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of khakis and polo shirts in classic, neutral colors. For those sweltering summer tee times, we especially recommend looking for breathable dri fit fabrics in colors like white, baby blue, and light grey.

Speaking of the sun, golf gifts for dad include a hat or visor to keep the light out of his eyes and his focus on his drive.

4. Gift Card for Sunglasses

Sunglasses deserve their own section because the sun can be so distracting during those crucial moments of concentration. They help dad keep his eyes on the prize and line of vision clear.

Since sunglasses are one of those golf essentials that are tailored to your dad’s personal style, consider a gift card to a sports store or sunglasses boutique as one of your fathers day golf gifts. If dad’s eyesight isn’t exactly 20/20, you can also look into places that specialize in prescription sunglasses like a LensCrafters, PearleVision, or wherever he prefers to shop for glasses.

5. Club Fitting Consultation

It’s a rookie move that even the advanced players do, but most golfers just buy clubs right off the rack. For peak performance, players of all levels can benefit from a club fitting to right-fit clubs to your swing.

The equipment you use, especially when you’re just starting out, impacts your performance and technique. If you learn how to play on an ill-fitting set of clubs, you’ll adapt to the clubs and develop bad habits that could have easily been prevented.

Here are some of the benefits to getting fitted for new clubs:

  • Insights into directional issues based on a lie board test
  • Increased accuracy in shots
  • Better control over distance
  • Straighter and longer drive
  • Right-fitted loft on wedges
  • Consistent loft gaps
  • Matching the right club to your swing
  • Adjustment tips to improve your game

Contact the golf club where your dad plays for a recommendation or research a good golf shop in your area. A typical fitting costs around $100-200. As far as fathers day golf gifts go though, giving dad the gift of a better overall performance is priceless.

6. Rain Gear

It’s inevitable – you book an early tee time to avoid a storm and the rain rolls in anyway. Instead of abandoning the course at the 4th hole, give dad the gift of preparation.

Rain gear is one of those fathers day golf gifts he won’t realize he needs until he needs it. And once he does, he’ll be so grateful for your foresight!

There are lots of golf accessories dad shouldn’t be without while in wet weather. An umbrella is number one in our minds, but shortly after that would be a good pair of rain gloves. They neutralize the rain and let dad get a strong grip even during a downpour.

While we mentioned the dress code at the course, that doesn’t mean dad will have to putt in drenched khakis during a storm. Many brands carry water-resistant golf pants and jackets that are course-appropriate and easily folded into a golf bag.

With your thoughtful father’s day golf gifts for rain, he won’t have to mess up his good slacks due to Mother Nature!

7. A Round at One of the Top 100 Public Golf Courses

Take dad away from his typical course and get him to one of the best in the country. From California to New York and everywhere in between, choose the closest course from this list of the Top 100 Public Golf Courses to give dad a round he’ll really enjoy.

If the Masters falls through or your dad loves to travel, plan a trip around one of these acclaimed courses. We don’t know anyone who would turn down a vacation for a father’s day golf gift.

8. Personalized Golf Gear

Personalized golf accessories are one of thosegolf presents for dad that no one else will have because it’s completely unique to him.

You can get just about anything printed on a golf ball these days. So, whether it’s a classy monogram or a picture of a rival athlete he loves to hate, a customized set of golf balls is a fun yet personal fathers day golf gift.

Additionally, anything dad brings to the course can usually be personalized – golf club covers, club markers, tees, can holders, towels. Make it special and infuse it with your dad’s personality.

9. New Golf Shoes

How often does your dad play golf? If it’s more than two times per season, new shoes or cleats are one of those golf gifts for dad that won’t go unnoticed. Golf shoes are one of the most expensive parts of playing!  

How often should you replace golf shoes, you ask? They average about two to four years of play, or about 15-20 rounds – whichever comes first. So, maybe dad isn’t an every Sunday golfer, but if it’s been a while, it’s still a worthy fathers day golf gifts idea.

10. Golf Lessons With a Local Pro

Help dad develop technique like a pro, from a pro. You can search for a local professional coach offering lessons by location to see who’s available nearby.

Get him a few lessons to see if he likes it, or book a whole block of time to give dad a season of perfecting his swing!

11. Rangefinder

A rangefinder is another one of those Father’s Day golf gifts that can boost dad’s skills. They’re used to measure the approximate distance and accuracy of any given shot. This estimate can help golfers predict which club to use and how hard to hit the ball.

You’ll see either laser or GPS rangefinders as you shop. GPS rangefinders excel in quickly estimating distance, but aren’t as accurate as a laser rangefinder.

12. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

This is one of the more refreshing golf gifts for fathers day you can grab. After a long round of 18 holes, dad can cling to the game and impress his friends with a set of golf ball whiskey chillers.

There are whiskey stones shaped like golf balls to upgrade to your dad’s lowball glass. Whiskey stones are a great option to keep his drink cold without watering it down. But if he prefers actual ice, there’s golf-shaped ice molds out there, too.

13. A Day at Topgolf

What is the most popular gift on Father’s Day? According to MarketWatch, special outings comprise $2.5 billion of spending on gifts for dad.

A gift card or day-of visit to a place like Topgolf make great gifts for golfers, especially if you want to include family members who aren’t as seasoned at the sport. There’s food and drinks, different levels and games, and enough fun to make an entire day out of it.

You can make a reservation, but they aren’t required. If dad’s the spontaneous type, you can keep this ace in your back pocket for a spur of the moment fathers day gift.


All cliches aside, there’s no shortage of good ideas when it comes to fathers day golf gifts for dad. Between a practice putting mat to a trip to explore the best golf courses in the country, this list is sure to include something your golfer dad will love. Happy Father’s Day to you and yours – and happy putting!

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