Things You Need to Know About the LVT Flooring Production Line

LVT flooring production lines are involved in the flawless manufacturing of the luxury vinyl tiles or planks that have taken center stage in the flooring market these days. 

And even now, their popularity is still on the rise, all thanks to the refinement in digital design and technology, which has introduced various elegant patterns, formats, and new sizes that keep every floor lover coming for more. On the other hand, the flooring firms are also willing to play their essential part by adding more value to the LVT flooring machine products by making the luxury vinyl more invincible than ever.

If you have any questions about the components of the LVT flooring production line, this article will figure out all. 

What is LVT Flooring Production Line?

The in-line production process of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) takes place by employing the efficient capabilities of the LVT flooring production line machines. Practically, these multiple floor coatings over the luxury vinyl flooring are formed during the numerous stages of the LVT flooring production line operations. 

In every single stage, a bit of distinct value is added to the product by the LVT flooring machines until the final product is manufactured and ejected out at the end of the production line cycle. With this efficient LVT flooring production line method, the manufacturing materials of LVT flooring are quickly and thoroughly amalgamated to form luxury vinyl tiles specifically. 

Equipment Applied to the LVT Flooring Production Line

The involvement of different LVT flooring equipment in the LVT flooring production line process consists of the following mentioned machines, respectively:

1. Extruder

Generally, a twin-screw extruder is an LVT flooring machine utilized for manufacturing products in a single, extended, and consecutive production cycle. In addition, extruders are further engaged in processing different profiles that can be later sliced up to any desired size or shape. Moreover, the LVT flooring production line depends on the plastic extrusion machine, which melts down plastic pellets to form durable luxury vinyl sheets for a high volume production order.

2. T-Die

In the LVT flooring production line machinery set, T-die assists in adjusting the width and thickness of the extrusion products. This LVT flooring equipment helps manufacture laminating and coating lines, plastic sheets, etc. In addition, the t-die relies on its flexible lip and chokes bar for proper flow regulation during extrusion production.

3. Calender

The calender is also a part LVT flooring production line, consisting of various pairs of heated rolls made of steel with an embossed design texture printed all over it. In the LVT flooring production line or manufacturing process of plastic sheets, the calender heat press machines are brought into action to give a glossy and smooth printed image.

4. Traction Machine

After calendering the material with heated and compressed embossments, the printed LVT flooring production line product is forwarded to the traction machine. This LVT flooring equipment is linked with a motor to control the running frequency of the motor strictly, thus achieving the required specifications. 

While the motor engine maintains an adequate speed for the drawer, it also acts to send the end product ahead for getting cut evenly and sized up by the next-in-line machine and meeting the required specifications.

5. Cutting Machine

The LVT flooring production line also incorporates a cutting machine with fine dynamic options. It can cut and size up the final product at the same width and length. Thus, it can give the luxury vinyl plank a specific parallel-serial cut with a precise.

6. Automatic Flipping and Stacker System

At last, the automatic stacker takes over the job as the efficient LVT flooring machine, leading the product through the moveable levers to the final position. The LVT flooring production line then accumulates the LVT sheet through the stacker system, and wait for the next process.

Where to Buy High-Quality LVT Flooring Machines?

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