The role of professions and the main changes in the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is heavily dependent on professions. The production of equipment and weapons, potions and power-ups greatly expands the gaming experience and allows players to independently produce improved equipment, or buy it. Equipment and weapons will help you prepare and match the level of raids where the best armor and weapons in the WoW world are obtained.

Professions do not depend much on the game level – you can collect useful materials both during pumping and at the maximum level – it’s up to you. Professions do not have to be mastered immediately, and if you wish, you can not deal with them at all, but you need to be ready to buy all the missing materials and equipment.

You can learn professions in several ways:

  1. In parallel with the main pumping
  2. After reaching level 70

In parallel with the main pumping

When you start your character – regardless of class and faction, you will be introduced to the profession system. You’ll find plants to collect, animals to skin, rocks and more.

The system will introduce you to the main variations of the profession and explain where to get special tools for their extraction, and the choice will be yours – to engage in professions or chase the maximum level.

Everything that is obtained in the process of hunting is considered collective and is used in manufacturing professions – if you do not pay attention to the collection of resources, but want to upgrade crafting professions, then you will face big costs.

If you wish, you can skip this part of the content altogether and buy everything you need for gold and return later at level 70 – if you want.

After reaching level 70

If you want to take up the professions of collecting and creating at level 70, then everything will be easier for you – the character will have enough gold to buy all the related tools, and the monsters in the locations will not cause you any harm.

If you have not reached the maximum level yet and want to do it as soon as possible to master the top content, then you can order the service pumping from professionals – WoW boost services suitable for all players.

Professions are divided into collective and creating


  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Mining

Each of the professions is available to all characters at any level and is required to obtain consumables for crafting professions


  • blacksmith craft
  • Tailoring
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • inscription
  • jewelry

Each of these professions is pumped from the quantity and quality of the items created. Starting with the Dragonflight update, there was such a thing as specialization, but more on that later.

Each character can choose no more than two main professions that he can develop, so it is important to combine between the crafting and gathering profession in order to always have a supply of resources and the ability to transform them into items.

Tailoring – creates magical armor and does not require an additional profession, all crafting items are obtained directly from monsters.

Blacksmithing creates weapons and armor from a variety of metals and consumes ingots, which can be obtained by smelting ore from mining.

Alchemy – Uses herbs and flowers to create offensive and support potions.

Jewelcrafting – produces jewelry with amplifying characteristics and magic spheres for attacking magicians. Consume precious stones, which are sometimes found in the processing of ore.

Leatherworking – processes the skin obtained from the skins of animals and allows you to create light armor.


Starting with the Dragonflight update, which was released to World of Warcraft at the end of November, players can choose to specialize in their profession and create truly unique items, one of a kind on the server.

To achieve this status, the player must be a master of his profession and make choices in the future development.

For example, a blacksmith can become both an armor and weapon master.

An additional nice bonus will be the ability to reforge items mined in the dungeon and when hunting. If you get an item that is not suitable for your class, take it to the master of the corresponding profession, and he will replace the characteristics with the ones your class needs.

The gunsmith will be able to create weapons with enhanced characteristics and additional options.

Manufacturing order

For players who ignore activity in the form of a profession, or are only engaged in the extraction of resources and their sale, the option of ordering for manufacturing is available.

If you have a recipe and the necessary resources, you can create an order with a special NPS and set the amount that you think is worthy for such work.

A player with the appropriate skills will create an item if he is satisfied with all the conditions of the order – you can not put a reward at all and not even attach resources, and then the master will have to use his reserves. Be careful in any role, so as not to get into trouble if you are a manufacturer.

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