The Rise of Online Education and Training

Online learning has simply been on one of the fastest and long-lasting growth paths of any of the online sectors. It is arguably the future of learning and training.In fact education as a whole now provides for more opportunity to learn new skills than anywhere else.

The options…all levels and all ages, from school to university

There are numerous online learning platforms across the internet, such as Coursera and Skillshare and the various institutions of learning and higher education around the world have also joined the online education market. Most notably, however, has been the rise of the free courses and short-term skill boosting. As a whole this has led to the democratization of knowledge and information cementing the fact that we now live in the data age. From short courses and immediate access to specific practical skills and how to videos, listicles and advice forums, the way we learn and interact with knowledge and education has changed forever based on the rise of online learning.

The hardware needed

Everything will start with a steady and reliable internet connection; the courses and knowledge is provided online and thus there can be no learning without the ability to stream the lessons or download and play.

You will also likely need a decent sized screen, and a laptop or PC will suffice. For younger learners the trend has been to provide big tablets for kids, which are perfect for learning and getting to know the tech required for learning.

A smartphone has also become a hardware option for the shorter how to and practical skills based informal learning. It is used to watch videos and listen to pod casts to gain knowledge and learn how to do a range of practical things from cooking specific recipes to changing the spark plugs on your vehicle.

Then there are a number or hardware accessories that you will need to consider such as headsets and earphones to ensure an immersive engaging experience, which is always better for learning.

The future of online learning

The main aspect for future development and perfection is the aspect of virtual reality. As though the courses and education are presented online, students want to feel and develop a community for learning, and VR (virtual reality) will be best suited to providing this.

The next most important aspect to ensure a healthy future of online learning will be the student and learner support systems that the provider must put in place. All learners want to be assured and supported, and as such a cogent student support system will be essential.

The rise of online education, training and learning has come a long way through the internet and continues to change all the time. There is a formal aspect where people can be accredited and certificated for their learning and also an informal learning sector where we learn new skills and tips for life or a specific activity from hobbies to home improvement. Both the informal and formal online learning sector are currently booming and will provide for years of growth to come as there is always something new and interesting to learn.

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