The Present and Future of Smart Homes and Smart Furniture

A smart home is considered a modern residential house, arranged with the help of automated and technologically advanced systems and devices. Smart Home

is a system that ensures the safety and comfort of all its residents with maximum resource savings.

The smart home of the future allows us to automate all systems and will help us get rid of the daily routine. How will all this be visualized?

These will be all kinds of robots that can be controlled using a smartphone and of course, automated systems that control what is happening inside the house itself. Just as with the help of PlayAmo, you can manage your capital and multiply it.

Technologies in Smart Homes

Today, the development of automated systems is a generally recognized trend, both in the construction and furniture industries. Smart home development trends are given a lot of attention at the annual interzum exhibitions and other well-known forums and venues.

What does a simple man in the street consider to be a smart home in reality? This, of course, is also the famous robotic house of Bill Gates, and a modest apartment with an automated lighting system, security, and thermoregulation. Smart technologies are all automation systems that can be combined and combined depending on your desires. How to understand all this diversity?

How Does It All Work?

The principle of operation of a smart home is the execution of various commands, and both a person and a sensor can give them. You can ask the automatic system to make fragrant coffee, turn on the air conditioner if necessary, or lower the heating temperature. Commands to the central controller can be given by voice or from a smartphone.

When the sensors are working, the computer informs all the devices of the necessary commands in accordance with your established algorithms. Or the intelligent sensor itself gives the command according to the readings of the instruments, depending on the changing environmental conditions.

A smart home system can consist of three components:

-the sensors themselves, receiving information from outside,

-a central controller processing all information and making decisions,

-devices that perform various tasks and make our life comfortable and pleasant.

All elements of the smart home system are connected using a wired or wireless control system. Wireless radio communication is more convenient due to the ease of installation and remote control. In order for the system to be more reliable and convenient, a number of manufacturers offer us comprehensive wired and wireless solutions at the same time.

What Devices to Buy for Your Kitchen

You can create a smart infrastructure even in your kitchen. Here are some of the devices that will help you.

Sous Vide

One of the main helpers of the modern chef in both home and professional kitchens. Sous vide is a method of cooking in a vacuum. The product is placed in a bag with evacuated air, which is lowered into a vat of water. The temperature of this water has to be kept very precisely if you want to get melt-in-the-mouth meat. The Steba SV50 is responsible for this.

The LCD display, as well as a simple touch screen control will make the process of working with the device very pleasant and understandable. Cooking time is shown on the LCD screen – and you can keep track of the cooking process. Another advantage of the device is stainless steel in the base.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven can be so smart that it can replace a large oven. This marvel of technology will not only heat up food, but also cook it in several ways. There’s grilling, baking, steaming, and fermenting.

With the premium-looking glass touch panel, you can set the program and then watch AirFry technology make your potatoes not only tasty inside, but also happy with the crispy crust outside. And to automate the operation, you can plug in a smart outlet.

Smart Feeder

Is your kitty making a fuss at 3 am because you forgot to feed him? Stop putting up with it! Make sure your furry fussy cat gets fed by a machine. The smart feeder slips food to your pets on a schedule that you set in advance. And if you forget to set the schedule, you can feed your pet from the comfort of your couch.

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