The Online Poker Industry in New Jersey

New Jersey has had a long history with real money gaming. Back in the 1970s, the Garden State was the second state in the US to legalise casinos, leading to the creation of the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk

With a proliferation of brick and mortar casinos and poker rooms now in the state, it’s no surprise that the online market in NJ is just as popular.  

Online Poker and New Jersey – A Match Made in Heaven 

Despite being the third state to introduce online poker legislation in 2013 (behind Nevada and Delaware) New Jersey has since become the most competitive market for the vertical in the country.  

Gamers in the Garden State looking for an NJ poker room will be pleased to know that the state currently has more online poker sites in operation than any other. In total, there are seven different sites operating under four networks across the state, including renowned global platforms PokerStars.  

New Jersey is also a leading participant in multi-state poker, having entered the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement with Nevada and Delaware in 2017. This agreement means that players from all three states can compete in shared liquidity tournaments, which typically offer more in the way of prize pools. 

Types of Digital Poker in New Jersey 

When it comes to the type of poker played in New Jersey, No-Limit Texas Hold’em reigns supreme. This is arguably the game that is synonymous with poker and is played in poker rooms offline and online across the globe. However, Pot Limit Omaha is another popular variant that is available to play in certain digital poker rooms in the state.  

As for game formats, the three leading networks in NJ all offer regular tournament schedules. Tournaments are typically played under No-Limit Hold’em rules, but it’s possible to find Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments on occasion too. 

Amongst the full schedule of tournaments, digital gamers will also discover progressive knockout multi-table tournaments, aka PKOs. Typically suited to more advanced players, under PKO rules, a ‘bounty’ is placed on each player’s head. When a player is eliminated, that amount is halved and added to the total prize pool and the bounty of the player who took them out. It’s a fast-paced tournament format and bounties can get pretty high, hence its suitability for advanced gamers only.  

Players in the state also have plenty of other options to choose from if tournament poker isn’t their thing. Standard cash games, for example, are available at every platform licensed in NJ and range from low buy-ins to games with limits of 100 big blinds. 

Sit and go games are another increasingly popular option with NJ poker players. Positioned between a cash game and a multi-table tournament, sit and gos essentially provide poker on-demand – as soon as the minimum number of players needed to carry out the game “sit” at the table, the action gets underway.  

Sit and gos, like cash games, also provide variety in the number of players per table. It’s commonplace for games to be contested by nine, six, three, or even two players. 

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