The most famous poker players in the world that you should know

Playing poker can make a lot of money, this is something everyone knows, but how to play to become famous for earning millions of dollars is something not everyone knows and can do. Many professional poker players have climbed the ladder in their career starting with playing poker online, and then they will progress further to regional and international tournaments. Poker games up to millions of dollars will make them suddenly become millionaires thanks to the high-class poker techniques and experience accumulated over time. The following article will provide you with the most famous poker players, if you play poker online, you must have heard of these names.

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney is like an undefeated poker machine, he started his career in 2007 and since then, he has continuously won every major domestic and international tournament. 2019 was probably the year that left the strongest mark on Bryn Kenney’s poker career as he won the biggest prize of his life with the amount of up to 20.56 million dollars. Bryn Kenney participates in WSOP every year and has never been absent from the finals, a total of 07 times he participated in the finals of WSOP, and in 2014 alone, he won the championship. For Bryn Kenney, making money from poker is not difficult, as evidenced by his series of awards and appearances in world-famous poker tournaments. Bryn Kenney considers poker as the main occupation to earn a living, and now, he has truly become a millionaire with this game.

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo is a bright name right in the 2018 WSOP Poker final when he won the championship and defeated a series of opponents that are much more appreciated than him. Before that, Justin Bonomo was a name that was not known to many people, but only with the WSOP 2018 championship, his name stands on par with other world-famous poker players. WSOP 2018 was like an event. paved the way for Bonomo to win 10 consecutive victories in the same year before the admiration of the poker world. It seems that he has never failed in all the matches he participates in.

John Juanda

Referring to poker players, most of us will immediately think of American poker players, because this is the home of the first casinos in the world. But the name John Juanda is the name that represents the poker players of Asia. John Juanda is an Indonesian poker player and is admired by the whole world when he defeats other opponents 5 times to win the World Series Of Poker championship. John Juanda is known for his slow, calm, and unhurried gameplay, he has a very good mindset and is not affected or provoked by the atmosphere around him. For the Indonesian gambling world, he is a source of pride not only because of his achievements but also because of the huge amount of assets he owns, with an estimated net worth of $4.4 million.

Those are the poker players known and loved by the whole world, if you are a poker player, you should know them, you will learn good things from them.

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