The many ways you can use delta-8 – which best suits you?

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From THC to delta-8, there’re plenty of cannabis compounds, some more known than others, but the latter seems to grab the attention of consumers and manufacturers alike lately, so let’s see what’s so special about it.

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, or shortly delta-8, is a cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis and hemp plants but in more minor traces than CBD and THC. Anyway, the interest in this compound has intensified, which is why it can be found in various ranges. From convenience store shelves to boutique weed dispensaries, you’re likely to spot delta-8 products everywhere, so if you’re not yet informed enough about it, it’s time to get out your notebook because this article explores the many ways you can take it, as well as critical information about its uses.

The “diet weed” or “marijuana weed”, as delta-8 is often called, is situated somewhere between CBD and THC when it comes to its effects, so if you’re wondering whether it causes a high or not, the answer is positive. But the high feeling, in this case, is milder than that caused by THC, a reason why individuals often turn to this cannabinoid.

As you can see, there’re a lot of exciting facts about delta-8 THC, so let’s explore the ways you can use it and then jump to factors you need to consider before actually consuming delta-8.

Smoke it

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to reap the benefits of delta-8 THC. Smoking marijuana dates back thousands of years, so it’s nothing new under the sun. No matter the purpose or desire for the plant, cannabis continues to enjoy as much success as possible, and fans seem to leverage smoking as one of the preferred consumption ways out there.

However, it would be helpful to know that it’s not the delta-8 plants you smoke (these don’t even exist) but just hemp CBD strains drenched with delta-8 distillate (concentrates). These concentrates are obtained by separating full-spectrum CBD from marijuana and transforming it into delta-8 THC, thus making what it’s known as the final product. It’s essential to understand that delta-8 THC in these concentrates is usually about 65 percent, while the rest contains other terpenes and cannabinoids, including CBD.

Among the multiple hemp strains to smoke, delta-8 flower strains are the most popular. These cannabis strains sprayed with delta-8 contain 0.3 percent or less than the legal delta-9 THC amount. With this information in front, what do you think now about delta-8 smoking? Is it already on your list, or should we move forward?

Vape it

Vaping is just as popular as smoking, but unlike the latter, the former has the highest bioavailability. This makes it one of the consumers’ safest choices and the fastest-acting consumption method. Since delta-8 THC enters your bloodstream through the lung tissue (and you don’t inhale something on fire), it allows you to experience its effects faster and at a higher intensity. One of the most significant benefits of vaping delta-8 is that you smoke pure concentrate without fillers or additives that can also alter its taste. Not only does it come pure, but it is just as potent as smoking, so if you want to make the most out of your delta-8 experience, we highly encourage you to start taking a puff from a vape cartridge. These devices provide people with all the advantages of traditional combustion while setting aside the downsides. Plus, it’s believed that delta-8 alone feels a bit blah, so to add some taste and magic, numerous individuals prefer delta-8 vape carts that combine multiple terpenes and cannabinoids for a unique experience. And since quality is always a #1 factor to consider in your search, consider premium delta-8 vape carts by OCN, as they offer a variety of tiptop and delicious flavors to try starting today.


Smoking and vaping are classics, but what if you go beyond basic? You can consume delta-8 THC as delicious snacks and still enjoy its beneficial effects. Edibles are the best choice when you want a quick treat and also when you’re looking for something extra. From delta-8 gummies and brownies to delta-8 fruity squares, honey, and dark chocolate, the market abounds in products made to delight your taste buds. Besides, gummies are excellent for people who want to take a precise amount of delta-8 THC, as they have a clearly defined dosage that is not too small and not excessive but just right.

Capsules can also be categorized here, as they have a similar administration route as gummies.


Although this could have been included in the previous category, we prefer to treat it as special as it is. Liquids like delta-8 syrups and tinctures are having a real moment, with more and more people choosing to consume them either alone or combined with other delta-8 forms. In the case of syrups, the flavors end where your imagination does; that’s why they managed to allure the public on such short notice.

On the other side of the coin, tinctures are used sublingually as a rapid way to feel the effects of delta-8. However, it might not be for everyone, as it usually tastes too heavy – and it’s only normal since a tincture contains a high delta-8 concentrate suspended in a solvent like vinegar or alcohol.

Rub it on

Topicals are the last but not the least – lotions, creams, salves, and balms are on the rise, with increasingly more people using them to experience delta-8 benefits on their skin. Body aches, sore muscles and tension, as well as skin dryness, are common medical issues that delta-8 topicals can address, but things don’t stop here. With the CBD skincare industry on the rise, manufacturers also started incorporating delta-8 as an active ingredient in skincare products (creams, lotions, serums, ampoules). Just like its cousin CBD, delta-8 has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping thus people fight various skin concerns like acne and aging.

Useful takeaway

Before jumping to consume delta-8 THC, consider these factors:

  • duration and onset of effects
  • personal preferences
  • product potency
  • daytime vs. nighttime use

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